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Somewhere in Africa


Somewhere in Africa
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My Amazing Movies

My perfect scores 

6 titles
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Great Weekend Blockbusters

Great movies with blockbuster elements great for weekend viewing

5 titles
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My Not Worth the Hype Picks

Dramas that are really hyped up but I personally plodded along or perhaps dropped . So the top of the list are the worst and lower down the…

26 titles 2 loves 2 comments
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Actors I Can't Stand

Actors that annoy me and I just don't appreciate their acting style. A very subjective list

13 people
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My Hilarious Picks

Shows that are really funny and comedically on point 

11 titles
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My Favorite Villains

I loved hating these guys

13 titles
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My Favourite OSTs

Sonically Pleasing

30 titles 1 love
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Spicy Skinship Dramas

I always see people requesting these dramas on forums and on MDL . Here are some I have come across in order of spiciest 

13 titles 1 love
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My Honorary Mentions

 Gems that almost became crown jewels but are 10/10 in my heart 

16 titles 2 loves
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My Favourite Actors & Actresses

Would most likely watch anything they are in. A very subjective list 

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My Favourite Perfect Dramas

The dramas that make me go "JSKMSHGKKU - you are soooo good"

9 titles 1 love
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Dramas that are fun to watch with others

A list of dramas I found exciting to watch with others and have great content for  viewing parties

14 titles
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Second Lead Syndrome

Shows that gave me serious second lead syndrome psychosis 

9 titles
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My Favourite OTPs

 They look good together, act good together and are just literally "true pairings"

19 titles 1 love
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Stylish Dramas

Fashionable and stylish dramas

17 titles 1 love
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Serious Dramas

Non rom com dramas that are serious and mature in nature with a sober approach and perhaps heavy subject matter 

8 titles
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Social Commentary Dramas

Dramas that offer running commentary and outlook on issues . 

12 titles
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Dramas with great second couples

Where the second couples actually stole the show from the main leads romance

9 titles