Martial Arts Films to Re-watch

Unlike dramas, I re-watch films. I don't rewatch Japanese and Korean films because it hasn't been a long time since I started watching them (3 to 4 years). But I re-watch Hollywood, HKC and Bollywood films because I watch them since I knew cinema and I own a DVD collection for each country. Martial Arts (Kung Fu films) are one of my favourite genres and I've been watching them since I was a little girl. I re-watch a film after at least 5 years since I last saw them. I have a huge re-watch list of old Kung Fu films and I always spend a lot time trying to pick my next watch. This list is a way to help me pick faster from my DVD collection. I deleted (or didn't add) these films and many others from my watch list until I re-watch them and add them back again. No order is used.
Cheer Jul 14, 2014
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