Classic Japanese Films: The Golden Cinema

Cheer May 3, 2015
I am a great fan of the golden Japanese cinema, the good old days. You may have noticed that in the favourite actors' list since I listed Mifune and Nakadai at the top of it. I mostly like Chanbara and Jideaki films (Samurai related) but I opened my horizons to Yakuza and other genres as well and everything about the golden era became so fun. The timeline of Japanese classics for me is from the 40's until the 80's (Only the first 50 titles are in order). My favourite directors from the golden Japanese era are without doubt: Kurosawa, Kobayachi, Gosha, Ozu, Okamoto, Inagaki and Suzuki. By the way, Kobayashi and Gosha are so terribly underrated that I can't stand it anymore urghhh