Beloved Actors: Acting can be bad but who cares?

Cheer Aug 17, 2014
These are the ones I know they're not very good actors but I still like them anyway. Of course I don't like them more than my favorite actors because those ones get the top of my pleasure but I like these ones too. If I have to order my lists, it would go like this: I like these actors less than my favorite actors and more than the eyecandies. Because they're less skilled than the first and more skilled than the latters. An actor can exist in both "Eyecandy" and one of the favorite lists, he can also exist in the "Eyecandy" and the "Beloved Actors" list but he can never exist in the "Beloved Actors" and one of the favorite lists. The bottom of line is, I would watch a drama or film for these actors even knowing that they're not that good but I would never watch a film or a drama for an eyecandy (unless he's in my favorite list or the beloved list as well). Okay, apparently I made things clear and complicated at the same time so let me stop here.