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russian white bear

heav天nly rai雨y pal宮ce

russian white bear

heav天nly rai雨y pal宮ce
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short drama about dark humor and romance, also dealing with suicide topic and both drama also occasionally breaking the 4th wall
Recommended by russian white bear - Aug 8, 2023
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> Two best friends. Check!!
> One dude. Check!!
> Love triangle(??). Check!!
> Tragic fate. Check!!

the difference is the relationship in August Never End is more defined while in Soul Mate the relationship is more vague
Recommended by russian white bear - Apr 12, 2023
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Two married people having affair ? Check!!
Their spouse get together trying to solve the issue ? Check!!
Crazy bitch ? Check!!

what Watashi no Otto did better than Saretagawa no Blue is that they have more than one crazy people
Recommended by russian white bear - Apr 6, 2023
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Just ignore the age gap for a moment and hear me. My Rainy Days is actually a really heartwarming love story.
As for reason why you might enjoy this title too:
- Its from the same Screenwriter & Directer, Kanchiku Yuri. Its actually her debut movie.
- The male lead is the reason why female lead decided to change herself like how the female lead (in Hatsukoi) was also the reason why male lead decided to study as if his life depend on it.
- The male lead has some brain related issue too (kinda like how female lead in Hatsukoi got one) (*dont know if coincidence or if the writer just get a kick of writing those sad plot lol)
- To put it short. both story are heartwarming, sad, innocent and pure.
- Oh right, the theme songs are also great, not as well known as Utada Hikaru's maybe but its really vibe with story.
Recommended by russian white bear - Jan 21, 2023
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this basically just Pure 2.0

replace idol with watch repairer and booom, we got ourselves a Alibi Kuzushi Uketamawarimasu.

its becoming the 'detective' hamabe and 'idiotic' detective genre
Recommended by russian white bear - Mar 10, 2020
...then you might like
both main leads werent exactly on friendly term when they first met

have multiple couple, weird how exactly there were three couples

but what most similar between both drama is how through those ordinary characters they tackles real life everyday issues and explore human relationship in such an interesting way, though the plot and may seems cliche sometime but they have their own very twist that will leave you grinning by yourself.

both drama also revolve around marriage (not just dating as how most drama are) issue and how society view them

tho both ROMANCE COMEDY genre but actually they have a much deeper story than your usual romcom

another trivial similarity : both male leads failed their first marriage, main leads somehow end up living under the same roof.
Recommended by russian white bear - Sep 27, 2018