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Give these Historical Dramas A Try 2018-
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I have not gotten on the historical drama bandwagon yet... it just does not seem too appealing to me, but I have made a list of the for the…

Top Actresses
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A list of my favorite actreses.

Top Actors
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A list of actors who I will pretty much watch anything that they are in. The order will be in flux as I watch more dramas/movies.

Watchlist Actors
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The following dramas from my favorite actors that I have not watched as of yet, but I want to get to it.... more will be added as I fall in…

Watchlist Recommendations
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A list of dramas that are supposedly similar to some of my favorite dramas, but we shall see. 

2018 Top Priority
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A condensed version of my huge 2018 watchlist. These are the dramas I will be watching for sure & get first preference.

2018 Watchlist
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The following movies listed are upcoming and/or already aired dramas I am interested in seeing. It is separated into Korean, Chinese, Japanese,…

Placed On Hold
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Asian dramas I dropped because of pressing factors... I will probably pick some of them back up, but it will be at a later date when I have…