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Descendants of the Sun  has got me started with K-dramas & really Asian dramas (Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese & Thai) in general and so far, I am enjoying the journey. The more I watch each countries dramas the more I will know which one I prefer over the other. I rate my dramas based on a combination of enjoyment & the overall quality of it (story, acting). I will watch any genre, but I prefer my dramas to have at least some type of romance in it. 


Korean Dramas (average episode count; many twists & turns; more similar to American dramas than the rest of Asian dramas) TOP 100 K-DRAMAS 

Chinese Dramas (long episodes; can get draggy because it takes forever for a big secret to be revealed; have many historical dramas with tragic endings) Top 100 C-Dramas 

Japanese Dramas (short episodes; get to the main points of the dramas fairly quickly; mainly school-related dramas; do not seem to be heavy on romance)

Taiwanese Dramas (average episode count; these dramas are more of a guilty pleasure than anything; addicting)

Thai Dramas (short episodes; do not have the best dialogue; weird characterizations; equivalent to American soap operas & remind me of American T.V. Shows such as One Tree Hill & Gossip Girl - it is messy, but addicting)

FAVORITE CHARACTERS (Characters who have my heart & I will be defending their honor no matter what)


  1. Ha Yi Chan (Twinkling Watermelon)
  2. Kang Bo Geol (Castaway Diva) 
  3. Yoon Cheong Ah (Twinkling Watermelon)
  4. Seo Do Guk (Perfect Marriage Revenge)
  5. Ryu Shi Oh  (Strong Girl Namsoon)


  1. Ling Bu Yi / Zi Sheng (Love Like the Galaxy)
  2. Ling Xi (Love & Destiny)
  3. Bai Qian  (Eternal Love)
  4. Ye Hua (Eternal Love) 
  5. Tantai Jin (Till the End of the Moon) 
  6. Zhang Sun Wu Ji (Legend of Fuyao) 
  7. Emperor Dong Hua (Eternal Love/Eternal Love of Dream)
  8. Xu Feng  (Ashes of Love)
  9. Xuan Ye (Immortal Samsara)
  10. Yuan Shuai (Love is Sweet)
  11. Duan Jia Xu (Hidden Love)
  12. Mo Yuan (Eternal Love)
  13. Ashile Sun (The Long Ballad)
  14. Lu Zhao Yao (The Legends)
  15. Yu Tu (You Are My Glory)
  16. Xiao Nai (Love O2O) 
  17. Mo Lian Cheng (The Eternal Love)
  18. Bai Feng Jiu (Eternal Love/Eternal Love of Dream)
  19. Ma Zhai Xing (The Wolf)
  20. Pian Ran (Till the End of the Moon)
  21. Tushan Jing (Lost You Forever)*
  22. Chu You Wen (The Wolf)
  23. Tian Gu Xing  (Miss the Dragon)
  24. Yuchi Longyan (Miss the Dragon)
  25. Ji Xiang Kong (Gank You Heart)
  26. Bo Jin Yan (Love Me If You Dare)
  27. Meng Fu Yao (Legend of Fuyao)
  28. Rahu Ketu (Love & Redemption
  29. Zong Yue (Legend of Fuyao)
  30. Qiao Jing Jing (You Are My Glory) 

  1. Xiyan Cang Xuan (Lost You Forever)
  2. Mo Ling Ze (Love At Night)
  3. Xu Qing You (Love At Night)
  4. Tian Yao  (Back From The Brink)
  5. Yan Hui  (Back From the Brink)
  6. Xian Ge (Back From the Brink)
  7. Feng Qian Shuo (Back From the Brink)
  8. Ye Qing Yu (Till the End of the Moon)
  9. Wang Xuan / A'Wu (The Rebel Princess)
  10. Xiao Qi (The Rebel Princess)

Rating System

10 --- Masterpiece. One of the best dramas I have seen. I love this drama. Perfect cast and story. Everything just fits + works out wonderfully. (ex. Love Like the Galaxy: Part 2, Eternal LoveVincenzo,  Descendants of the Sun, Flower of Evil)

9.5 --Excellent. There is almost nothing wrong w/ this drama. Solid all around, top-notch acting. Just a little something is missing for a 10-star. It is most likely the ending had some kinks. (ex. Legend of Fu Yao,  Love Is Sweet, The Wolf, Hello Monster, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok JooLove to Hate You)

9 - Amazing. The drama was enjoyable even if I have seen the plot many times. The main reason it is not higher is due to an issue with the progression + execution of the plot or romance.  I (ex. Love and Destiny, The Long Ballad, Fight for My Way, Angel's Last Mission: Love, Alchemy of Souls Season 2: Light and Shadow)

8.5 - Really Great. Great plot, characters & music. There may have been a flaw pertaining to the plot (plot holes), characters who waste screen time, or the romantic tension being non-existent that significantly affected my rating of the drama. (ex. Back From the Brink, Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Falling for Innocence, What's Wrong with Secretary Kim, Reborn Rich, True Beauty, The Rebel Princess, Gank Your Heart)

8 - Great. It was worth watching and kept my interest. Definitely had some flaws that kept it from being in the top-tier bunch... it could have been better, but it was certainly entertaining and I had a good time with it for the most part. (ex. Lawless Lawyer,  My ID Is Gangnam Beauty,  Oh My Venus, I'm Not a Robot, Why Her?,  One More Happy Ending, I Hear Your Voice, Immortal Samsara: Part 2)

7.5 - Pretty Good. The K-Dramas in this ranking usually are the ones that were good for the most part but dropped the ball with the ending or it was super slice-of-life to the point where nothing happened but it was not necessarily bad. (ex. Memories of the Alhambra, He Is Psychometric. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Again My Life,  Extraordinary You, Go Go Squid!)

7 - Good. Worth Watching Once. There were some good ideas, but they just did not nail it; it had many flaws; boring or bad at parts, but had good elements and aspects I appreciated  (ex. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Now, We Are Breaking Up)

6.5- Decent.. One thing that still piqued my interest, but I am not likely to watch again. I could have also felt completely indifferent or undecided about how I felt about it. There were some nice concepts but most were pretty badly exploited. There is a good chance I press the fast-forward button. (ex. Encounter, Forecasting Love and Weather)


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