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Klara H


Klara H


Fun Facts About Me:

* My all time favourite drama is Move to Heaven.

* I love all different kinds of music, including languages as well. Some include - Slovakian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and English. My favourite musice genres are pop, hip-hop, R&B, rap, and rock. I'm not a fan of slow ballads.

* Currently, I listen to k-pop most often.

* Not related to dramas or anything, but my favourite YouTubers are Dan and Phil ^^. I also watch comedy/commentary channels: Cody Ko, Danny Gonzalez, Drew Gooden. 

My Favourite K-pop Groups/Artists:

My Top 3 Boy Groups:

* My Ultimate K-pop Boy Group are Stray Kids. I love their music, because it's the kind of style I usually listen to. Of course, they're multitalented and skillful rappers, dancers, singers, and producers, but I also love how humourous their songs are. Plus, they're my gen so they're more relatable. My bias is Changbin and my bias wrecker is literally everyone else. My favourite song is Easy.

* Close second is Monsta X. They have a similar style to SKZ, so they're always on my playlist. My bias was Wonho, but now he's one of my favourite soloists. Instead, my bias is Jooheon and I.M. Everyone else wrecks me, especially Minhyuk. My favourite Monsta X song is Love Killa. 0T7 Forever. 

* My third Ultimate K-pop Boy Group is Oneus - aka the most underappreciated group ever. In fact, their album Blood Moon is the first physical album I have ever bought. They're multi-taltented, unique, creative, and sweet. My bias is Leedo, but my bias wreckers are Hwanwoong and Ravn. My favourite song of theirs is No Diggity. 


My Top 3 Girl Groups:

*  My favourite girl group is Mamamoo, due to their maturity, talent, and unique looks. I love all their music equally, so it's hard to pick a favourite. Though I do prefer their music for 2-3 years ago more. No one can do it like them. Mamamoo just have their special, quirky charm. I love how they break the usual K-Pop Girl Groups stereotypes. My bias is Hwasa. I love her solo works, especially Maria. 

* Close second is (G)I-dle. Unfortunately, Soojin is not in the group anymore, but they will always be OT6. (G)I-dle is another one of those more mature and dark concept groups. I love their muisc, creativity, and their meaningful music videos. My favourite song is Oh My God. My bias is Jeon So-yeon, who I really respect as the best k-pop female rapper out there. She's extremely talented, with a colourful personality. 

* Then, there's BlackPink. They don't have a lot of comebacks, but they're always good at what they're doing. It's a group where everyone stands out the same, and they never delivered a weak song. My favourite song of theirs is HYLT. My bias is Jennie, but everyone else is a bias wrecker. My favourite solo has to be Jennie's Solo, since I can listen to it on repeat after all this time and not get tired of it. 

Favourite Female Solo Artists:

* My Ultimate female solo artist is Chung Ha. She's got amazing vocals, stage presence, dancing skills, and is so charming, that she even manages to seduce me. My favourite song is Stay Tonight. 

* Some of my other most liked female soloists include: Hyuna, BIBI, Jessi, and CL. I love their collective 'I don't give a what' attitude, not to mention how iconic they are. 

First Dramas I've Ever Watched/Finished/Liked:

FIRST KOREAN DRAMA: Bride of the Century was the first one I've watched, but Hi! School - Love On is the first one I've finished. My favourite is Mask.

FIRST KOREAN MOVIE: Cutter is the first one I've watched, but my favourite is Night Flight.

FIRST CHINESE DRAMA: Addicted Heroin, which is also the first one I finished an my favourite. 

FIRST CHINESE MOVIE: A Round Trip to Love, but I like the second one more. 

FIRST JAPANESE DRAMA: None yet, but I'm hoping to watch Mirror Twins when/if it comes out.




FIRST THAI DRAMA: 2 Moons The Series - it's my favourite as well. 


FIRST BL DRAMA: Don't remember, but I think it's Addicted Heroin

FIRST BL MOVIE: A Round Trip to Love

Wow, I just realised all of these are BL, except for K-dramas >.<

What I Like in Asian Dramas:

  • Strong and smart female lead
  • Nice, selfless, caring and vulnerable male lead
  • Cute/awkward and shy male characters
  • Good, unique and unpredictable story-lines with crime/suspense/law/political/tragic plot
  • More story focused dramas with a small/no focus on romance
  • Character development/characters that make you feel confused on how you feel about them
  • Scarred main character with hardships/traumatising past
  • Main leads overcoming hardships/traumas from their past
  • Fighting against corruption or a powerful organisation
  • Dealing with serious/taboo issues
  • Deep, passionate and realistic love between the main characters where they are straightforward about liking each other
  • Interesting and complex serial killers/villains that challenge the main character
  • Developed side characters with their own story-lines
  • Strong bond and cute bromance relationship between two guys (preferably with main lead involved)
  • Doppleganger/identity switch story-lines
  • Sad and tragic dramas with a happy ending

What I Dislike in Asian Dramas:

  • Stupid, weak and clumsy female leads that have no self-respect and act like kids
  • Narcissistic, perfect, cold, jerk-like male leads that don't care about anyone but themselves or the female lead
  • Boring and slow paced story revolved mostly around romance, with cliche and predictable story-lines
  • Dramas with historical elements, too much comedy or are too confusing
  • Shallow characters with no personality or character development
  • Perfect main characters, great at everything and always winning, that have gone through no hardships and didn't have to overcome any problems to become a stronger character
  • When male leads with no stated experience at fighting or past training, with scrawny bodies somehow have ninja-like fighting skills 
  • When they are only focused on the romance or the main leads
  • Love triangles making up a huge part of the plot
  • When a female lead falls for a douchebag male lead who has been treating her horribly throughout the whole/most of the drama and the relationship 'developed' is shallow, quick and unrealistic
  • Poor woman/rich man story-lines
  • Plot holes and loose ends
  • Awkward kisses with one of the characters (or both) staying still like a wooden plank
  • Stupid, shallow and edgy antagonists/serial killers with no good motives or story, that fail to challenge the main lead and lose easily 


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