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Hi, my beautiful peeps,

My name is Jenna san  (Chinese name Zhena Na Xian) and I am from The Netherlands.

I am half Chinese (father side) and quarter Spanish and quarter Moroccan ( Mother side).

I love Asian Dramas and Movies. Especially Korean and Chinese.

Last Year I started to sub Chinese Movies and I just subbed just two Chinese Movies: Guilty of Mind and Eternal Wave.

The first movie that I subbed is Eternal Wave, because I am a fan of Zhang Han.

After I posted Eternal Wave on Youtube, Dramacool stole my hard work and posted it on their Website.

I was very angry, but I couldn't do anything about it.

So I decided to sub the movie Guilty of Mind ( also fan of Li Yifeng)

I decided that I no longer post my work on Youtube anymore and for now I will post it on Facebook.

After I subbed Guilty of Mind, I re-edit Eternal Wave and post it on Facebook as well.

I sub movies all on my own, I have no help.

Subbing movies takes a lot of work and time.

I might think to make a website or a blog in the future about Chinese entertainment. 

If you have any questions or requests, you can leave me a message anytime.


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