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somewhere ????


somewhere ????



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First Korean Drama

Somehow I came across My Secret Romance on YouTube in 2017 and watched it. I didn't even know it was KDrama then. Then in 2018 when I got into KPop through my friends, she also suggested KDramas. As per her recommendation, I strongly started with Hello Monster, While You Were Sleeping, and then again I came across My Secret Romance and realised it's a KDrama and was my first.  

My Secret Romance
Hello Monster
While You Were Sleeping

First Chinese Drama 

So my first CDrama was The Eternal Love Season 1, which I also came across randomly only on YouTube. Then I watched Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me Season 2, followed by Season 1 (rewatched in order sometime later). I don't know what was wrong with me. How did I not realise I was watching season 2 first? 

The Eternal Love
Season 1
Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me 
Season 2
Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me 
Season 1

First Thailand Drama 

 My first Thai drama was Full House, which I also came across on YouTube RANDOMLY! Lol, I think I'm beginning to see a pattern. Honestly, I don't remember the order after this. But I'm pretty sure it was Princess Hours, the U-Prince Series, or the Ugly Duckling Series. Honestly, I haven't seen much Thai dramas. My last one was My Husband In Law, which I saw around 2020 or 2021.

Full House
Princess Hours
The Handsome Cowboy

First Japanese Drama

These are the only JDramas I've seen. Honestly, I don't remember much about Switched, if I like it or not. But it was a complex story. As for the Good Morning Series, it was very cheesy and cringe, but I still enjoyed it.

Good Morning Call
Season 1
Good Morning Call Season 2: Our Campus Days

First Taiwanese  Drama

So I randomly found Fall In Love At First Kiss on YouTube and watched it. It was cute and just what I need when eating. By the way, it's a movie not drama but I'm adding it here to fill the gap for now. My first Taiwanese drama was No Regret In Life, which I dropped. I just was not feeling it. The second drama was Somday or One Day, which I have mixed feelings for. It is a very popular drama and I loved some parts and some parts I was again not feeling it.

Fall In Love At First Kiss
No Regret In Life
Someday Or One Day


  • Fav Kdrama
    • My Mister, Pinocchio, D.P., Our Blues, Save Me, Reply 1988, Empress Ki, The Penthouse, While You Were Sleeping, Alchemy Of Souls, Hospital Playlist, Love All Play, School 2015, The Heirs, Uncontrollably Fond,  Twinkling Watermelon, etc.
  • Fav Cdrama
    • Ashes Of Love, A Love So Beautiful, Goodbye My Princess, Eternal Love (Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms), Love And Redemption, The Untamed,  Cry Me A Sad River, The Kings Women, Love Like The Galaxy, Hidden Love, etc.
  • Fav Thaidrama  ~  
    • The Judgement, Full House, etc.
  • Fav Jdrama ~  
    • Good Morning Call, etc.
  • Fav Taiwanese  drama 
    • Someday Or One Day, etc. 

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Ended (need to finish)
  • C - The Legend of Shen Li (12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, +)
  • K - The Impossible Heir (11, 12)
  • K - My Demon (15, 16)
  • K - The Worst of Evil (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12) 
  • C - My Journey To You (23, 24) 
  • (Ongoing) - K - Lovely Runner 
  • (Ended)- C - The Legend of Shen Li 
  • (Ended) - C - My Journey To You 
  • (Completed) - 
  • (Ongoing)  - K - Lovely Runner 
  • (Ended)- C - The Legend of Shen Li 
  • (Ended) - C - My Journey To You 
  • (Completed) -  
  • (Ended)- C - The Legend of Shen Li 
  • (Ended) - K - The Impossible Heir 
  • (Ended) - K - The Worst Of Evil 
  • (Ended) - C - My Journey To You 
  • (Completed) -  
  • (Ongoing) - K - I-Land 2:N/a 
  • (Ended) - C - The Legend of Shen Li 
  • (Ended) - C - My Journey To You 
  • (Completed) - 
  • (Ongoing) - K - Chief Detective 1958
  • (Ended)- C - The Legend of Shen Li 
  • (Ended) - K - My Demon 
  • (Ended) - C - My Journey To You 
  • (Completed) - 
  • (Ongoing) - K - The Atypical Family 
  • (Ongoing) - K - Chief Detective 1958 
  • (Ended) - C - The Legend of Shen Li 
  • (Ended) - K - My Demon 
  • (Ended) - C - My Journey To You 
  • (Completed) - 
  • (Ongoing) - K - The Atypical Family  
  • (Ended) - C - The Legend of Shen Li 
  • (Ended) - C - My Journey To You 
  • (Completed) - 


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