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   Annyeong  ❤  (안녕)

*this page is constantly being updated,
there is never a final draft*

Before we get started...

I don't tolerate hate so if that's why you're here, bye bye!

First, a little bit about me:

My name is Adeline Juliette but please call me AJ. I am 16 years old and I live in the United States.

I have Emerging BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) which affects my relationships with people so please be understanding of me! I am half american, half korean but I have never lived in N/S Korea and have little to no knowledge of politics, customs, places etc so asking me will be wasting your time :)

I grew up around kdramas but only found cdramas and tdramas 1 year ago.

 I watched kdramas a lot with my mom when I was young but dropped them and didn't go back until I was 14. I didn't understand the simplest things like love or other peoples sadness until I started watching them again and was able to laugh, cry and relate. Kdramas basically changed my life :)

↓  EXO is my favorite kpop group  ↓

 (I am a huge EXO-L and can tell/show you all of the members off by heart even in MVs)

P.S. IU is my favorite singer-songwriter

I like writing information for a drama on MDL. Give credit if you use mine. You'll know it's my work because it will always say 'Source: AJ at MyDramaList'

Check out my awesome commentary @ Disqus:

My OTP  ♕ ♔

Jin Ki Joo & Jang Ki Yong

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My favorite song (August 2018)

Favorite kpop groups & artists:

EXO > Forever my cutiepies
(Bias: Sehun)
IU (Lee Ji-eun)
Red Velvet
(Bias: Joy)
(Bias: Sejeong)
Wanna One
(Bias: Kang Daniel)
BTS/Bangtan Boys
(Bias: Jin)
(Bias: G Dragon)
(Bias: Woohyun)
BoA (Kwon Bo-ah)

Favorite Female Characters:

Do Bong-soon
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Chae Young-shin / Oh Ji-an
Jeon Seol / Ryu Soo-hyun
Chicago Typewriter

Favorite Male Characters:

Lee Kang-doo
Just Between Lovers
Kim Min-kyu
I'm Not A Robot
Yoon Na-moo/Chae Do-jin
Come And Hug Me

Favorite K-Drama Couples:

Lee Kang-doo & Ha Moon-soo
Just Between Lovers
Yoon Na-moo & Gil Nak-won
Come And Hug Me
Hyun Tae-woon & Ra Eun-ho
School 2017

 What I'm watching:
(August 2018 update)


Just Want to See You

Thirty But Seventeen

My ID is Gangnam Beauty


Witch's Love

My favorite k-drama quote of 2018!

❝When you're sad, cry. When you're tired, hug.

That's how we live. Holding back comes next.

When you've tried all you can and nothing works,

that's when you hold back.❞

~ Come and Hug Me ~

My must haves in a dramas:

I'm not very picky and I will broaden my horizons, but if what I'm watching doesn't show this,
it's going straight to my 'Dropped' pile.


  • Strong Female Lead: I hate a female lead that is wimpy, hides behind people and doesn't know how to stick up for herself. My only exception is character growth from 'weak' to strong.

  • A unique storyline: If you're gonna make a cliché drama like 'The Undateables', at least add in a twist that I haven't heard of before. (Example: Killers Son x Victims Daughter in Come and Hug Me <3)

  • Character development!!: I don't want the characters to remain the same throughout. I expect some emotional growth, like becoming stronger, facing fears or becoming a better person (Heo Joon Jae from Legend of The Blue Sea is a perfect example of character development.)

  • A plot that keeps my interest: I hate it when a drama starts out good but fizzles out halfway or to the end. :(

Favorite genres:

           Romance ✔      Law ✔     Thriller ✔    Childhood Friends ✔
 Mystery ✔       Good OSTs ✔     Fantasy ✔       Comedy ✔

Least favorite genres:

Horror ✘        Too much cheesy romance ✘        Medical ✘  
Tragedies ✘      Predictable dramas ✘     No clear plot ✘

✧  ✧  ✧

My waiting list:

- Terius Behind Me release
- The Life Planner release
- The Third Charm release
- IU in more romance dramas as female lead

- Jang Ki-yong in more romance dramas as male lead

✧  ✧  ✧

Currently my favorite k-drama of 2018!

(Come and Hug Me)


☾ ☾ ☾

Currently my second favorite k-drama of 2018!

(What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?)

☾ ☾ ☾

My most anticipated drama of 2018!

(Are You Human Too?)


✧  ✧  ✧

Shows airing that I am currently loving:

Thirty But Seventeen

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty


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