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South Korea


South Korea

여러분 안녕하세요! 제 이름은 레이철입니다! 만나서 반갑습니다!

Hello all! I'm Raichyl! I'm currently learning Korean and I live in South Korea right now! I watch and study in my down time and work in the rest of the time! I love watching dramas, mostly romance! My drama taste is kind of specific but there are always exceptions! 

When looking at my list, at my ratings, there really is no clear guide as to what it gets. I  honestly rate based on feeling, but know if it's in the 8.5-10 range, I really did enjoy it. If it's a 10, I fell in love with the drama  completely. 

Three things can make me drop a drama: (1) amnesia plot, (2) if I’m three episodes in and playing games on my phone rather than paying attention because I’m bored, and (3) Second Lead Syndrome.

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favorite korean dramas:

favorite japanese dramas:

favorite chinese/thai movies/dramas:

favorite korean movies:

favorite japanese movies:

favorite variety shows:

I am a bit obsessed with the Itazura na Kiss storyline

I don't know why... some get attached to Boys Over Flowers, others choose Itazura I guess, haha...

and last but not least, ~k-pop:

I do listen to some kpop and a lot of varied music! I like everything from rap (Epik High, Sik-K, Woodie Go-Child) to ballads (K.Will, 1415, Tei). From band groups (FTIsland, N.Flying, Day6) to kpop groups (VIXX, BTOB, A.C.E, NCT) to fan-made groups (Wanna One, UNB, JBJ) to dance groups like DOB. I do not like girl groups however... I don't hate them or anything, I just don't care for the music and so on. When it comes to English music, I enjoy Imagine Dragon, Mumford & Sons, Zedd, Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran, and the like!

My taste varies far and wide, so if you ever want song suggestions or to talk music, drop in! I love talking about music and songs!

I'm an active shipper and have a a youtube channel and a tumblr where I express my inner fangirl!

Let's be friends!!

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