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I'm Afseen. I'm 20 and from Canada :D

I've been a kdrama addict and kpop fan since 2012. 

My First drama was Heartstrings and thanks to Jung Yong Hwa's voice I started listening to kpop (:

Tbvh I don't really have any favourite actors/actresses, if the drama has a good plot and is well written, I'll watch it whether or not I like the cast (: 

All time favourite: The reply series (call them overrated, idc lmao) but the reply series will forever hold a special place in my heart, I'm seriously hoping for a 4th season T_T 

I also absolutely loved Innocent Man, The Master's Sun, DOTS, My love from the stars, Healer, Angry mom, Rooftop Prince, You are all surrounded, The Girl who can see scents, I hear your voice, and Oh my ghost

My favourite kpop groups include BTS, SHINee, Girl's Day, Red Velvet

Soloists: Eunji, IU


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