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Always a work in progress.

A fortysomething that has been watching Asian Dramas on and off for a few years now since 2009. I can only watch one at a time as real life can get in the way and I sometimes get more focused on watching variety shows and documentaries. I watch what I'm in the mood to watch. I also don't watch dramas in progress for multiple reasons.

I admit that I like some kpop and probably talk way too much on twitter @ChristyMB about Nu'est and SF9.

About my drama ratings: I prefer to rate dramas as a whole because sometimes even a weak episode can have something valuable to contribute.  

If you'd like to ask me stuff, you can also go to and I'll answer.

For the curious:

  • 1st Taiwan Drama: It Started with a Kiss [aka my 1st Asian Drama]
  • 1st Japanese Drama: Hana Yori Dango 
  • 1st Korean Drama: You're Beautiful
  • 1st Thailand Drama: Kiss Me
  • 1st China Drama: Boss & Me


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