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♪ Welcome, welcome my fellow drama junkie! ♪

*diabolic laughter*

Can you recommend any good dramas or movies? Before I mostly watched comedy and rom-coms. "Thanks to" my better half I mainly watch action/crime/suspence nowadays. Some were surprisingly good (intelligent/original plots, introducing a whole new world), some not so much. It's such a delight to watch rom-coms from time to time. My fav genre still remains comedy (after work I want to relax and laugh).

  • I suffer from 2nd lead syndrome... ㅠㅠ (FRUSTRATING!)
  • I'm into Korean culture. Not the same as I used to. Started with KDramas in my childhood, then music (KPop) when I went to university (once a faithful Cassie (still OT5 supporter), can't keep up with all the stuff people listen to nowadays (feeling old)). Now it's part of my daily life (thx to my better half). 
  • Variety Shows: Don't watch anything regularly, however, I'm into Gaki no Tsukai's Batsu Games (although I'm neglecting this guilty pleasure, still need to watch the Batsu games of the past years...)
  • Fav OSTs: "It's Okay, That's Love", "Soulmate", "Goblin", "Reply 1988" as for instrumentals "Welcome to DongMakGol"

My rating system: Since an early age I watched a lot of dramas but (sadly) forgot most of the titles... When I started with MDL it was hard to rate a series that I watched ages ago. While I rarely gave really low ratings (< 7), I didn't give a lot of high ratings either (> 9) (more 8s rather than a 9 or 10). Nowadays, there are more 9s or 10s, lol (probably biased since I rate right after finishing a drama/movie. Nevertheless, I believe the quality of dramas has improved a lot!).

Not that accurate but... 
0 = cannot remember clearly or really specific reason(s) why I'm not able to rate
4 = strong dislike, annoying, mostly bad memories, painful to watch
5 = hard to get through, mostly boring
6 = ok, mostly boring, a few delightful moments/characters
7 = good/ok, nothing special
8 = mostly entertaining but still lacking
9 = enjoyed it a lot, highly entertaining, icing on the cake was missing
10 = something special | true emotional rollercoaster | FEELS | precious memories | just thinking about it puts a smile on my face | Masterpiece...  
Edit: Oooh, there is a new rating system (ratings with decimal point).

About me and my Drama addiction:
- started with Asian dramas in my childhood (mostly HK, Mainland, Korean) but stopped after entering school (Hiatus since 2002/2003?)
Dae Jang Geum/Jewel in the Palace (and after a few years Boys Over Flowers) were my first attempts to come back  to dramaland
- in 2010 I started to watch Asian dramas again ("Yeah, from now on I'm an independent university student, I can do what I want!!" *busy as hell*) (mostly KDramas, rarely JDramas)

These days Netflix became THE source for dramas/movies for me.

Don't have much time on my hands so let's see how many Dramas/Movies I can finish. 

o Movie/Drama Special      ||     - Drama/Mini Drama/Web Drama

Year 2018 (Gosh, I'm not a binge-watcher anymore, however, nowadays I enjoy watching with my love ♡)

  • Reply 1988
  • o The Last Ride
  • o Like for Likes
  • o How to steal a dog
  • Age of Youth
  • Eulachacha Waikiki
  • Age of Youth 2
  • Prison Playbook
  • o Along With the Gods
  • o The Foul King
  • Mr. Sunshine
  • o Bleach
  • Hanzawa Naoki
  • Stranger
  • o Stand By Me
  • o Illang
  • o Train to Busan
  • God's Quiz
  • Nine: Nine Times Time Travel
  • Mr. Sunshine

Year 2019

  • God's Quiz Season 2
  • Memories of the Alhambra
  • Life 
  • Kingdom  
  • Argon 
  • o Drug King
  • Bad Guys 
  • God's Quiz Season 3 
  • o My Little Brother
  • Bad Guys: Vile City
  • o Extreme Job
  • Abyss 
  • God's Quiz Season 4 
  • o Wasao


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