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It’s not similar to “The Advisors Alliance” except that it’s an historical setting. Reminds me a bit like “Game of Thrones.” You should try it.
Recommended by LPA - Mar 25, 2018
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Somewhat similar to "The Admiral:Roaring Currents" in the sense of unequaled strategy and bravery. Excellent filming. "Red Cliff" has two parts which need to be seen in order (Red Cliff 1 and Red Cliff 2). It has been called John Woo's masterpiece and you can only agree with that once you have seen it --there will be no doubt! I was so impressed and so thankful that there was a part two. It did take a few minutes to understand what was happening in the beginning, but then you become glued to your screen. The storyline, acting, cinematography, music--I still can't stop thinking about "Red Cliff." You will know what I mean after you see it.
Recommended by LPA - Aug 3, 2017