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About me: 

Hi! I am currently in college doing a diploma in film and media studies.  

If you recognise where my profile pic is from you can determine the drama that made me sob like a baby.

Most of my time is spent adding to my plan to watch list unintentionally.

I enjoy photography, chess, maths (ik i'm strange) 70's and 80's music (mostly anyway) , films and dramas/tv shows  of any sort. I am a Bisexual and fanboy way to much (RIP my heart).I'm really into films and tv series of any kind as I hope to work bts in a film industry one day and that's where my passion comes from.

I started watching dramas at the end of 2015 however I started watching them more regularly towards the end of 2016.

My gate way into dramas was actually the live adaptation of the manga orange if that counts, my  first non adaptation was Pinocchio , then i fell down the rabbit hole of Lee Jong Suk and now i binge a hell of a lot of dramas from all different genres.


My Spotify Playlist (Please ignore some songs i don't update it by taking songs off XD) :


My review scores are different from on my watch list because on my reviews I do not score against other dramas but on my watch list I do.

I don't score higher than a 7 for a TV show because I feel like that'll just be because I love the members in it and not the actual show itself. This has one exception which is master in the house because every thing about it is simply so good.

I also score pretty harshly but i feel its fair; 

(keep in mind all are my opinion so me rating a drama bad doesn't necessarily mean you will think the same.)

0-2 - wouldn't recommend at all.

3-4 - not my taste / if it didn't make sense recommend you check out the trailers at least to see if its your              taste.

5     -meh / it was bad but was made up with something else e.g had bad plot but really good actors or one               stand out scene.

6-8- really good but missing an aspect that made it disappointing or lower scale could suggest that it was               bad but was made up with something else.Mostly this is given to a drama I enjoyed but its not                             necessarily good if that makes sense.

9-10-really good would recommend to anyone,high praises.

My 'Not Interested List' is for those dramas / movies that I had on my plan to watch list over time and lost interest on them. It doesn't mean I definitely wont watch them they're just my very very least priority.

Priorities is just so I know what to watch next.

Finally I don't regard a good/bad drama necessarily on the re-watchable value.


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