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Crossroad Bistro chinese drama review
Crossroad Bistro
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by Becky
Aug 3, 2021
30 of 30 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 8.0

Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you'd get

Crossroad Bistro is a heartwarming and frustrating, funny and sad, very beautifully shot and somewhat disjointed drama. I get the feeling that this might be semi-autobiographical, like someone has penned down some personalities that he knows in real life, and some true life stories that he have witnessed or maybe even experienced. Some scenes do not really advanced the story or make any impact to the plot, but are in the drama, as if it is an ode to someone or in memory of a better time.... This is especially so with that song that keeps playing in the background. A song that is very wistful, recollecting on the past.

Crossroad Bistro isn't just one story, it is a collection of several stories. There would be a few times when you are watching this drama that you would fuss over the characters' decisions or events that happened, I would say, do not fuss over the details, instead look at the main point and moral of story that the drama is trying to tell you. From these, there is much to know and learn, as every event that happened, the storyteller is actually trying to convey an opinion on Life to us, the viewers. In some sense, this drama is like Chicken Soup for the Soul. Every event in the drama is like a mini story, each with a perspective on Life to share, a topic to let you discuss and think over. Such as are adventure seekers quite selfish? In the pursuit of adventure, the way they put their lives on the edge, is this being responsible to their families? Between personal happiness/success and being responsible to loved ones, which is more important?

I also like that it explored the love between man and woman in several different ways. We have the selfish jerk boyfriends, the devoted and loving boyfriend but the woman could not feel the spark (love) for, the love of a married couple, and a many years friendship that is quite confusing if it is an only friendship love or is there something more?

My only complaint on the drama is:- the friendships between the 5 women are a bit unrealistic? It is possible to develop very close friendship in a short time, but maybe not to the extent that is shown in drama.... To become so close, you should be seeing each other every day or every other day, but one of the FLs is quite separated from the other 4, and when they all came together to support her, that part was a tad unbelievable. Still I love the 5 women friendships, the bond that they shared.

Love the musical performances and that poetry recital (with drinks)! And the peeks into acting and entertainment circle, that was fun! Not essential to plot but gave it so much color and life. An ode to better times and friends!
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