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My name is Caroline and I was born in 1992-03-21. I'm a girl from Sweden who got into East Asian culture in approximately 7:th grade. The asian countries that I like is Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China. I have learnt some words in each language and would like to learn more in the future. I can say that I love series with highschool delinquents and gender bender. I love series that mediates multiple feelings. (For example Gokusen, which made me laugh, cry, get angry and also get exited.) But I like it most when I get happy and watch a serie while smiling unconciously. I'm not overly picky when I choose a drama or movie to watch, the hardest part is to keep watching, partly because of my inability to finish something before I start with something new. This is the reason why I so often need to start over with a serie, because I either do not remember where I was or I don't remember enough of the serie to just continue where I was. I do not like to dislike. If you want to know anything, feel free to ask, I would gladly answer anything.


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