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Favorites of 2017

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My favorite dramas and Lakorn for the year.

Thai Lakorn That I love
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Shows from Thai that I really enjoyed watching. These can be more addictive than Korean Dramas.

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Those actors who have that extra something to get things done.

Favorite Actresses
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Those women who really know how to make me believe the story.

Favorite Actors
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Actors who can act well and I always like to see what they are doing next. They are more manly and charismatic.

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My favorite dramas from 2015.

Dramas to Avoid like the Plague
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These are dramas that will drive you crazy, leave you in tears and end horribly. Avoid at all costs unless you enjoy torture.

Great while watching Dramas
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Dramas that are fun to watch, have a lot of hype but I don't really think about after they are over. A lot of them are highly rated and worth…

Favorite Movies
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Movies that I can't get out of my head.

To Trigger Tears
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Dramas and movies that make you cry. These are listed from most to least tear-worthy.

Dramas that I can't Forget
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These are dramas that even years later I think about the characters, things that happened, etc. They really stick with you and are my absolute…

Favorite Dramas
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The dramas that really grab my heart and tell a story that I can't forget. The characters, writing, direction and plot are all the best.

The Crazy Dramas
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These are the dramas that you love to hate. They make you angry and make you cry but you sit on the edge of your seat as you watch every second…

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My Favorites from this year.

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Haven't found one to make the list yet.

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My favorites from that year.

2014--My Favorites
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My top favorites.

Favorite Action Dramas
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These are dramas that have action, gangsters, casinos, explosions, and basically lots of fighting. My favorite.

Supporting Cast That Make the Show
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These are actors who just stand-out or have skills that make the story that much better. These are often the ones that you laugh at, love to…