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Action, adventure, melodrama, bromance, and romance are the main themes I love in the dramas I watch.  I have a fondness for the Korean gangster characters and love the movies and dramas about them.  Korean dramas and movies are mostly what I watch but I also enjoy shows from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and on occasion China.  I also like to talk about dramas on Twitter and Ravelry and I have a pinterest board where I actively pin about my favorites. 

I guess I should tell you about my ratings:

10--it hit all the right emotions, kept me thinking about it while waiting for episodes, possibly kept me up at night and had a satisfying ending.

9--A little something was missing to make it perfect.

8--It was boring in parts or the ending was bad or it just wasn't that great or memorable of a watch.

7--It was bad and I didn't care for it even though I stuck it out.

Dropped--This can happen at any time.  If it is boring or doesn't hit the right notes anywhere between the first 15 minutes and the second to last episode (Heartstrings), then it will find itself dropped and forever unrated. 

The best place to look to see what I really like and enjoy is to read through my lists of favorites. 


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