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Queen Crazy of MDL Chat (no joke)


Queen Crazy of MDL Chat (no joke)

I Want To Use His Body As A Jungle Gym!

"I Want To Punch Him In The Throat With A Knife!"

-Tay Bitch *-*

Crazy Iz BACK
My Virtual Hubby...I found him FIRST: Pen
Person that I seem to want to kill the most and BRO: Saif
MY Music-Twin 4ever and ALWAYS also my Daughter: Matsu-chan
My Precious BEAUTIFUL Daughter that goes all KEY crazy with me: SsanToKki
My ERO-CIL revealer: Tijana
My Bitch sister that shares the same dark mind: Tay
My Mommy <3: Bachan
Half sister chikita that agrees with the same things that I do: Steph
The girl that goes Bitchy for Bichi: Chichi
My Arab Dongsaeng: Lala
My Sexy Siwon Choi Lover: Silke
A sweet chick that I love <3: Kilala
My cute and lost dongsaeng: Suki

I'm Crazy for a reason...hehe! And of course there is something that always happens when I get happy on MDL chat.....and here this should explain it all!

Random and Sexy and Funny!

                                            Almost got caught reaction when sneaking dramas at 3AM! 
When that one character is ruining Everything!                        The Moment a hot man comes into view!
When the bad...B**** starts crying in a drama!
When good supporting cast couples happen!             When the long awaited kiss finally happens!
                                         And Finally what all these men will ask you.....
And then you say....HELL YES~
Me! No! Share! <3 Isn't he...purrty!?

+ CIL = PenCIL
.............Yeah we are AWESOME LIKE THAT <3
Ever since December 9, 2012 we know each other!
Hehe WE MAY BE THE CRAZIEST ONES OUT THERE! No Kidding, ask around if you don't trust me!

(Portion for PenCIL is still under construction YOU CAN'T JUST BUILD AWESOMNESS)

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