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Annyeong! Let's be friends. I'm @hallyuholicmom - a mom who spends her 24/7 as a family person, a busy bee working girl, and a kdrama-kpop stan (ok, not so stan teehee).

I first got into asia dramaland in early 2000s. My firsts were Meteor Garden and My Sassy Girl.

My A list were Gong Yoo, Binnie, Jo Insung, So Ji Sub, Song Joong Ki plus a whole bunch of young kkot namjas. Yes, I adore flower boys! kekekeke

HOW DO I RATE MY DRAMA? Honestly, I'm not into technicalities, i.e. if the plot makes sense or not- I just rate them as good or bad or worthy of rewatch based on how it touches me. Basically I like a drama that makes me happy, smile, inspired. If it's a melo, I want it to be touching or make me cry. I do have high ratings for dramas/movies I've watched coz,I repeat, I don't care a bit about technicalities and such--- they are all based on my personal feelings. I'll rate it 10 if I absolutely love 'em or rate it lower if I did not enjoy it. So all dramas/movies for me starts with a 10 and it will get lower ratings as it progresses...


For more than a decade now, my TOP drama was Coffee Prince but just last year it was taken over by That's Okay, It's Love. 


Because I'm an ahjumma already and I now came to like ahjumma stories now kekekeke. Honestly, I simply love this particular drama because it's an AAA package of a drama- from the actors, the story, cinematography, soundtrack (yes!!!!)... basically everything in this drama is AAA! 

Jo Insung and Gong Hyo Jin saranghae! :)


My recent favorites: 

Coz I love properly executed psychopath dramas. and I missed Lee Chun Hee from his Family Outing days.


Are you into kpop? I'm a YG fan all the way. I uncondtionally love Bigbang and G Dragon. If you'll ask me why? Just because...

Just beca81yeWnl1_9cf1c5_f.jpg


A big heart also goes to 2NE1. I like krungy (Dara) when she was an actor. And my love followed her to 2NE1. But hey, I love their bad ass music, I really do. ;)I'm an appler too. so there...

[size=2]My second loves are FNCs CNBlue and FTIsland. Such a bunch of talented artists, espec[size=2]ial[size=2]ly Yong Hwa[/size][/size]. Ayt?[/size]


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