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A junior doctor working in the UK  who probably shouldn't spend as much time drama-watching as she does! Sometimes homesick, sometimes love-struck by EXO or drama male leads, sometimes just plain crazy and fandom-obsessed. It's nice to meet you guys and happy drama-watching~

Birth date of drama addiction: Feb 2012  


First Asian drama (and first Taiwanese drama): Skip Beat!

First Korean drama: Playful Kiss

First Japanese drama: Ikemen Desu Ne

First Chinese drama: Scarlet Heart

First Thai drama: Ugly Duckling Series: Perfect Match

First Korean movie: 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant

First Japanese movie: High School Debut

First Chinese movie: Sophie's Revenge

First Taiwanese movie: Our Times

First Hong Kong movie: An Empress and the Warriors

First Thai movie: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

First Filipino movie: Always Be My Maybe


  • Completed 50 dramas! - 9/11/2014 
  • Completed 100 dramas! - 4/11/2016         (100th drama: Scarlet Heart Ryeo)
  • Completed 100 movies! - 1/11/2018
  • Completed 200 dramas! - 19/03/2020      (200th drama: Eternal Love of Dream)


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