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Hi everyone my name is Kaitlin but my friends call me Kat or Kat Attack! I Live in the USA and quite enjoy it here :) I Love East Asia culture a lot and trying to learn Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and many more! I really want to travel there not because of the famous people but i really think they are beautiful places! I Watch a lot of anime and read manga's! I am also a gamer as well! I also love k-pop BTS is  my all time favorite group but i am multi-fandom to the max! ^-^ I also listen to j-pop and c-pop! I can go on for days about myself lol so if any questions or just wanna chat just send me a message! I love meeting new people along with talking to others! MY ANIME LIST WILL ALSO BE LINKED DOWN BELOW AS WELL :3 <3

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