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I'm Dana, recent Uni grad with a Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy. 

I love discovering foreign films and series whether it be Korean, Chinese, Indian, French or whatever. If something is good then it just is.  What I find beautiful about foreign films is that I'm watching different films from different countries each with different cultures that we get to explore through a Tv Screen... isn't that the beauty of films? they transport you to another world.

Of course actually travelling isn't the same experience as watching something on TV but that is definitely on my future to-do list! :)

Got into the world of kdrama back when I was in the 7th grade I think, watching my first ever Kdrama "Boys Over Flowers" xD I remember that I'd brush off hanging out with my friends & instead run home right after school just to catch an episode.. Jun Pyo & Jan Di were life... Oh the innocent old days :') But now when I re-watched it I'm like "Omg did I seriously watch this" there were some scenes that were just ridiculous  xD Oh but whatever anyone else says, that show will always remain special to me <3

Genres I enjoy watching include: Slice of Life, Romance, Action, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Friendship, Family... Almost everything basically as long as the story is good but my fav would probably be  Slice of Life, something with a warm story... I do prefer something mature and not flat out ridiculous high-school romance where the girl is so weak and naive and all that nonsense, no offense to anyone who enjoys those things. but yeah something more mature or at least not childish.

My Favourite Dramas: Prison Playbook (Number one for me <3 ) ... Black, Cunning Single Lady, On the way to the Airport.

Favourite Korean Movie: Sunflower, Man from Nowhere, My Way, Like for Likes

I Absolutely LOVE watching Variety Shows, it's like my medicine to life, honestly, it always puts me in a good mood. 

Favourite Variety Shows: Running Man (my first ever), Journey to the West, Knowing Bros ..Plan on discovering more shows! 

I hate overly excessive dramas and tragedies in a story.. it feels too contrived to me and just not believable and more like forced sadness than anything. I don't believe adding those things to a story will make it more meaningful, it just puts me off and makes me want to drop it.


Yup so that's me I could write more but I'm tired atm and well I don't think anyone would be interested, actually I doubt anyone has read everything I wrote up to here xD If so, then thank you & sorry for taking up your time, lol.

Hope you have a nice day! x 

And feel free to add me, I enjoy stalking people's Completed List so that I can find good Dramas and Movies to watch from xD ........*I'm not a weirdo though I promise :D *


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