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孤单 - 冬天的沙子


孤单 - 冬天的沙子
Sep 11, 2016

Zai Jian Guo Qu, Ni Hao Jiang Lai :p

This is really an enjoyable drama and I have lot of fun following Lu Yuan and Jiang Lai's adventures, especially Lu Yuan as he is very silly, unpredictable and unique on his own way.  The drama itself is a little bit slow paced but it doesn't prevent me from enjoying it and there are lot of things I want to happen so I'll just continue watching and see how things are progressing and my I want Lu Yuan to know the relationtionship between Jiang Lai and Hao Kun, especially seeing his reaction and what he would do after that ahahah:p Yep I'm really curious but I guess I'll have to wait a few more eps for that.

As for ep 12, I smiled a lot and even laughed because of Lu Yuan, he is one hell of a guy (this expression suits him the best), so crazy and doing things his way, I mean what he did in this restaurant was pretty daring but at the same time it left me speechless and I could only laugh as this guy truly has some nerves. Doesn't he realise that it's already hard for him to find a job with his condition but he has to make a scene and being picky !!!! Anyway that's part of his charm so this simply put a smile on my face and well I love lively characters like him ( :

In this ep we didn't get to see much of Jiang Lai so this part killed me :

-Lu Yuan : '' Goodbye Past, Hello Future'' Zai Jian Guo Qu, Ni Hao Jiang Lai.

Ahahah it felt like he was talking of Jiang Lai and I found the scene super funny. And just after that we finally got to see her *,*

Plus it seems that Jiang Lai will be part of his future if I'm not wrong, I'll wait and see but I have a feeling I'm not wrong and they do have great chemistry those two <3

Also I need to say a few words about HaoKun, I don't like how he's playing with Lu Yuan, controlling him and making him work in his own restaurant ?! I find it so vicious and very unappropriate.

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Ode to Joy Episode 27
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May 13, 2016

Heartwarming and touching <3

This was probably my fave ep so far, I loved absolutely everything about it : the conversations between An Di and Qi Dian (always mature and natural) An Di with Guan Guan and also the moments between our three renters : Fan Jie, Guan Guan and Ying Ying. Just too bad there was not enough of Xiao Xiao so I won't say anything about her.

I really admire An Di as a person and as a woman, so honest, kind, caring (we can see how she cares so much for Fan Jie and always takes her side and never judging her &lt;3, thank you for that), and Straightforward her best quality in my opinion, she fears nothing and always say what's on her mind.

Obviously my fave part of the ep is near the ending with our three adorable Girls *0* , I literally cried during the whole scene, the way Ying Ying and Guan Guan are comforting Fan Jie (they are too adorable and sweet) yes two real sweethearts and like real sisters, we can see how much love there is in their eyes for Fan Jie, they love her like a sister and want to be there for her, giving her their support and simply care for her. I know it's weird seeing those two little girls conforting a 30 year old woman but we all need some support and no matter how old we are. Of course Fan Jie was touched and I could feel that inside she felt blessed having them in her life and living with them.&lt;3

I also love all their discussions about being an only child and what's the advantage of being alone and not having siblings (and in all of that I agree with all of them, being myself raised in a big family with many siblings I know they were right) and when Fan Jie said why she would only have one child in her life and that she doesn't care if it's a girl or a boy she would give all her love for the child.

Also during the whole scene Jiang Xin's song ''Cinderella '' was played, I just couldn't contain my tears as it's so beautiful and touching.

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May 22, 2015

In one word: heartbreaking :'(

I started this ep smiling because of JunShan's heroic deeds but I ended up in tears seeing his desperate wife losing their precious son Ping' An. I haven't cried that much since a very long time, and let me tell you this time I needed my box of tissues, it was so painful to see Xiangjun becoming crazy!

I don't want to blame it all on Junshan but he was the one who misunderstood XiangJun and sent her away which led her to kill their 3-years-old boy.
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Mar 8, 2015

Family meeting

Nankyoku Tairiku is one drama I wanted to watch for so long, not for the casting but for the story as I know this is the kind of drama that will just help me feel better and now it's the perfect time.

And only before starting it I realized there were: Shibata Kyohei (one of my favorite character in Soratobu, I'm glad to see him once again) Ashida Mana, Okada Yoshinori, Terajima Susumu so I was so happy and of course Kimura but I already knew he was in here ;)

This is one of the most touching ep I've ever seen, and that's only the first one, I don't know how I'll be able to handle the rest if it's that touching.

First of all this ep is 106 minutes long, that is to say a very long introduction. But an introduction which is necessary to understand how they managed to prepare this expedition, so many people are involved even those who won't go to Antarctica and for this purpose they all worked very hard and thanks Lord they obtained a satisfactory result.

What touched me the most

-were all these children who believe in Kuramochi's dream and were willing to help him fulfilling it, there is this scene when Haruo-Kun gave him a little coin, that was simply beautiful I could not help but cry .

- and of course the dogs, they simply made me cry too ;D

This ep is like a family meeting because so many people decided to join forces to fight for a common cause. Seeing all these people gathering for this cause made me realize that in this world peace does exist .

Seriously this kind of drama is not good for my heart, in one ep I cried like 10 times !

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Mar 22, 2017

Relatively a promising start!

Yay finally my dear ship "Deng Lun/Sun Yi" back together in the same screen <3

I think the story has lot of potential to be honest, the first ep completely captured my attention and I can't wait to see how the embroidery competition between Xu Hui Jie and Xiu Hua will turn out.

Few things I want to say about the beginning, Yi Bei's mother (Hui Jie) is really irresponsible and uncaring, I really hate the way she treats her daughter and how she only cares about her career and nothing else.

About Hui Jie and Xiu Hua :

Hui Jie is acting in such an immature way, I mean she's in her late 30s and still does things like cheating and behaves like a teenager and yet Xiu Hua seems to be so sweet and kind (why Hui Jie is doing those awful things behind her back?!), for me it's totally unacceptable and I think things like that should not happen but unfortunately it's the reality ;(.

About Xiu Hua I think she has the instinct of a mother though she isn't one, she's protective and really considerate toward Yi Bei, I sincerely hope she won't change and become scheming like Hui Jie apparently seems to be.

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No Regrets Episode 20
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Jul 22, 2016

Some thoughts about No Regrets

First and foremost I need to say how much I love the relationship between Kau Mui and Lau Sing which is so natural and full of trust and affection (this is what I can see ) and they always have mature and interesting conversations and throught their eyes we can see how much they mean to each other.

Lau Sing I absolutely love his family and friends well I don't even consider them as his friends but as his family, they're always supporting each other, discussing daily life, eating together and living together. And I love the Yeung Yeung/Ching Ching's scenes, so sweet and refreshing ^^

Many many things happened to them some are very happy and other very tragic/sad and for me it's very hard to watch those dramas set during Sino Japanese wars cause it's really hard to digest, especially seeing people being tortured or people from a same country turning against each other, what they have to deal with everyday … So sometimes when I'm watching those dramas I need a break and here especially I feel like watching something else to relaxe my mind. 

On the opposite, Kau Mui's family is horrible, dusgusting and heartless people. I can't understand why people for money can turn into enemies, between siblings or between aunt/nieces. I hate Kau Mui's aunt and what she can do just so that Kau Mui can't inherit anything or simply so that she dies, I'm really speechless ( and not in a good way).

Also the girl Kau Mui is looking after (Lai Wah) is really disgusting and naive, I hate all the things she did, she lies all the time, does unscrupulous things to people who are actually helping her and providing shelter for her, can't understand her nor why she's doing all of that, she's such a selfish and ungrateful.

The big surprise of the drama for me is the actor (Ngo Ka Nin) playing Spareribs, I fully hated his character in Rosy Business, I'm shocked to see how I can hate an actor in one drama and in another one being in love with the character he portrays, and it's exactly like that for this actor, he truly is in my opinion a good actor and I love him here cause he is so loyal, caring and so so adorable &lt;3 I really feel bad for him everytime something awful happens to him. In this ep he was not spared at all and I hope he will make it out alive.

As for ep 20 I just want to say again I love Kau Mui's boldness, she's the bravest of all and I just hope it won't come back to bite her because she's playing a very dangerous game and I don't want to see her suffer even more, being addicted to opium and always being under her Aunt's attack are already enough and probably the most I can bear at the moment. I truly feel so so sad for her because she's probably the most loyal to the country and people only considers her as a traitor and don't even know the real Kau Mui. I also do think she's smart but compared to Po-Kei (Rosy Business) she's more vulnerable I'd say and less clever and we can definitely see that she has some weaknesses which is good in my opinion cause no one can be perfect. 

And Both Kau Mui and Lau Sing are doing the most sacrifices for their family and their friends so I'd love to see them being more selfish and thinking of themselves first. Is it too much asked ?

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Dec 13, 2015

We are just pawns used by others

I think this is the ep where An Ling Rong Shines the most that's pretty contradictory considering that she loses everything here: her child, Emperor's Favor (well even if in fact he's never really liked her) and status and yet she was very impressive, all the powerful sentences she said and her conversation with Zhen Huan were simply mind boggling. I won't say that I felt sad for her since she asked for all what happens to her but I really pitied her, I even understand a little bit more in this ep why she acted like that even if I think it was a bit too rushed, I wanted to see more about her past and why all these years she was like that beside that she was jealous of Zhen Huan and thought she was not sincere with her. That's when she talked about her mother story that I understood more of her difficulties.

By the way I would like to know how she knew the Empress killed the deceased empress. Hope will have more answers in the coming eps.

I listed some of her quotes here, those are harsh words but unfortunately so true.

"We are just pawn used by others":

"If I was still that pure and innocent in this palace I would have died hundreds of times already." Very harsh words but in that hell that's the only way if they want to survive.

"But in this Harem there's no place for sincerity"

"the palace nights are so cold and long,how I endured every second I dare not to think"

I never found her stupid or anything, in my opinion she just sided with the wrong person that's what made her fall.

This was definitely one of my favorite ep with ep 63 and 64.

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Aim High Episode 13
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May 6, 2015

Ping Yao's silliness <3

Just wanted to say that I will never understand those nonsensical things in dramas. You Know Dao Yan grew up not even knowing how his father looks like, I can't believe that! We all have pictures of our parents and so he should have at least asked his mother to show him some photos. this is seriously the kind of things that get on my nerves.

Anyway it was still a good episode thanks to the Ping Yao/Mi Xiang's moments! they definitely are the light of the drama for me and I always want to see more of them and doing silly things : a great combination indeed!

Asking him to do colsplay was such a good idea and I always enjoy in Ping Yao's scenes the most <;3

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Mar 25, 2017

As if ...

This episode and the previous one were really full of inconsistencies and I have to say I find the writing really weak and flawed, I'm even wondering sometimes why I am still watching dramas like that but somehow there is something about ''Because of (Meeting) You'' that makes me click to the next ep, probably because it's addicting in its own way at least for now, I don't know ?!

And the characters in this drama really give me headaches, especially Hui Jie, she's so evil and despicable, I really can't understand people like her and why they have to act this way, being scheming and destroying other people's happiness just because of a stupid greed. What she did to Xiu Hua and her husband simply for a mere competition is simply inhumane.

Anyway here are some of the flaws :

About the car crash, (first I'm asking myself how Hui Jie didn't notice her daughter was in her car on one of the back seats, it's almost impossible not to notice, I mean didn't she look at the rear-view mirror, not even once?

Also When she went to the hospital to see how the situation was with Xiu Hua and her husband (since Hui Jie is the one who caused the accident) Xiu Hua then showed her family an evidence that Hui Jie was at the scene, showing one of the earings she left at the scene, Hui Jie of course denied and suddenly picked up the pair of earings from her handbag that she was wearing the night of the accident. What ? ...

... I think it's even more suspicious the fact that she had the earings with her and in her handbag on top of that (in my opinion it's the same as admitting she is the culprit, because she was so happy to have them with her and to show them to her mother in law and husband as proof.) I guess they didn't need more evidence to believe her o,O. Uh ! Total nonsense

I need to mention I really dislike the women in this drama, they are so malicious and vile, particularly Hui Jie. 'Would even dare say it feels like some of them are actually not educated, judging from their behaviour and personality. I don't want to sound too pessimistic or mean but I actually needed to release my anger.

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Ode to Joy Episode 6
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Apr 23, 2016

Fan Jie Wo ai ni <3

I'm only at the beginning of the drama and I have already a lot to say.

It was definitely Fan Sheng Mei's episode, she shined the most here, she was so badass and cool, I really love how she destroyed everything in Bao manager's place. I didn't think she could be that crazy but oh my the scene gave me goosebumps as she was simply amazing (epic moment). She really seems to care a lot about her friends, she's reliable and always give the right advice but unfortunately some people are just too muddle-headed and stupid to take her seriously and that's the case of Ying Ying, why being this stupid and naive ? I don't understand her anymore.

I really admire Fan Jie a lot, I love her way of thinking, her personality and craziness. Don't know if she can really be considered as crazy but in this ep she proved she could go insane especially when it comes to friends, being there for them and even putting herself in trouble for them. True friend <3 In that aspect can totally relate to her character, as I tend to be impulsive when someone is hurting my family or friends.

I'm also really glad to get to know more about the other characters, especially An Di, at first I didn't know what to think about her as she's kind of secretive, doesn't talk much and is such a workaholic but once she opens up we can see that she's a really nice person, helpful and doesn't like gossiping which I appreciate the most about her (but wait, it's too early to say more about gissiping, somehow I just think it's not her style to gossip, hope I'm not wrong).

I 'm really enjoying this drama, I love the refreshing tone, the not so complicated relationship between them though Ying Ying is making their friendship a bit tense a the moment. Really really happy this drama came into my life, this is what I was always waiting for, especially from China <3

This ep was really great, one part was focusing on Ying Ying's break up and the other on An Di's personal life her meeting with Qi Dian (2nde time), she seems really cold and distant toward him so I'm really curious to see how their friendship will develop in future :p

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Mar 12, 2016

Xiao Long Nu and Shenrong meeting.

Comments about the drama and ep 6 :

First I need to say I really find Si Yi and Hong Pei's story very sad and heartbreaking and I'm glad in this ep we got to learn more about their past, it was so painful and I particularly feel bad for her, she's strong and too kind, really like her a lot.

Honestly I just want Si Yi and The Geek guy ( Wang Shu Hai) to be friends and nothing more cause she's simply not ready to get over Hong Pei. I almost forgot to say I like the ghost more than the geek guy.

I also like a lot Zheng Nan, she's such a good friend to both Si Yi and Shu Hai and cares a lot about them, really reliable friend.

I appreciate the comedy touch here and there because of Hong Pei and Shu Hai, and the bromance is really good too o .Ô

Also I'm always smiling cause people may think Shu Hai is a lunatic guy talking to himself, even though I'm not too fond of this character he is really funny and I really have lot of fun during his scenes with Hong Pei =D

In this ep I said it was particularly sad however I found the beginning pretty amusing especially because of Xiao Long Nu and Yang Guo's meeting (well in fact it was Xiao Long Nu meeting Mystic Dragon kekeke) all their friends were laughing because of their nicknames ^^

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Feb 21, 2016

Wae? Wae? Really?

If you haven't watched this drama don't read this ep review = Spoiler.

I just need to write right now about this ep cause I'm both angry and sad, like really really really T_T

I don't understand what happened, did Mi Rae tell everything to BokSu's father? She dared right?

I knew how much BokSu's father couldn't live without his son, and after this ending, I just can't help but cry, it was so heartbreaking . I just can't stop crying right now. And if it affects me this much this is simply because it's one of the best father in whole dramaland, the most caring, the most adorable, who would do anything to protect his son, be by his side, and never judging him and truth is that he did so many awful deeds in the past but I guess his love for his son was too strong, what a lovely and understanding father.

In the end of the episode I was so heartbroken, I saw Boksu holding his father's hands, the saddest scene of the drama ;(

Now I don't know if I'll be able to watch the next eps, they will be too painful for my heart u_u crying a river!

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Feb 11, 2016


This episode made me think a lot. First I need to say I feel more and more sad for BokSu, he is suffering alone and keeps his own problems to himself, not seeking for some support nor for help and that's why I find his character so pitiful . At first I didn't like him or at least he didn't leave a great impression on me cause I disliked all those bad things he did and I also can't forget that because of him someone died, it was not really his fault and he did not think that stealing people's wallets could cause such incidents. Also I understand why Cheon Kyung is being mean with him, because a precious person died because of him, at the end I felt so bad when she told him all those horrible and painful words, I don't think he deserved that even after all what he's done. Maybe I'm feeling like that because I know he has a brain tumor and he's alone with this illness and that he doesn't want to bother anyone nor feel like a burden for his family and relatives, still I think it's wrong not telling.

I found the scene with the watch particularly ironical, Mi Rae is giving it to Cheon Kyung?! What? It's her watch ahahah, it's only normal she wanna take it back, now I'm wondering if it is of a sentimental value to her since she seemed so upset not having it anymore (and even more because Boksu gave it to Mi Rae) or if it was a gift someone dear gave to her. I'm very intrigued though I'm sure I won't have any answers about that. As for Mi Rae I don't know what to think about her yet only one thing is sure I really hate the way she treats BokSu as if he is her object and that he has to obey her and only and do all what she ask him to do. during the scene in hospital I really hoped he would tell her he is sick cause she loves him like crazy she has to know what's his condition. Also I don't know why but I felt that Mi Rae would make a great couple with Cheon Kyung's brother, okay he seems to be a jerk but yeah I felt something between them.

As for the drama in general I love it so much it feels so realistic and this is not something I often say about Kdramas unfortunately so that's a great plus about RoYOW. It's also depressing drama which makes me feel so sorry for all the characters, they all seem to be so lonely, and having lot of issues.

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Dec 30, 2015


This ep was serious but very touching and for the first time I cried, in several occasions I felt like crying but I did not but this time I couldn't help it, it was so emotional. I felt both happy and sad for Ming Tai and not only him.

Spoiler for what's coming:

I don't know if it's because I'm more into the Mings' relationship and all the spying things but I did not see that coming, I think it was not particularly unpredictable and I could have guessed it sooner (for Ming Tai's father) but yeah I was still a bit surprised to see that Uncle Li was Ming Tai's father, and did not expect that we would already know his identity and now I feel super sad for Ming Jing cause she's so attached to him, she loves him, she dotes on him a lot and consider him like her real brother. I felt so much pain when Ming Lou was talking with Ah Cheng about his sister feelings for Ming Tai, and how hard it would be for her if she had to seperate from him.

I love so much all of them and want them to be happy and always together chatting, laughing and do silly things even in those trouble times.

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Nov 11, 2015

He has guts ;D

Yes this Kau has guts and I like that, now I understand what Po Kei sees in him! He really has a lot of potential and with him the business can only be even more flourishing, he is so intelligent but too bad it's only when Po Kei married the master that someone finally saw that he's not only full of ressources but he's brave and clever! I really can't wait to see what they'll do (Po Kei and Kau) together, probably great things ;D

Back to this ep, I love how he did not give up and fought with those bandits until he reaches an agreement with them, he was mind-blowing, brillant ideas indeed and now he gained new partners!
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