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Pomona, California


Pomona, California

Hello call me Min. I am 20 years old and a Fashion Design student and Cosmetologist apprentice. I am born in the California, my parents are from Mexico, and i have Asian decent (Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, and Thai). Hence this is why I am usually categorized as an Asian Hispanic or something along those lines. To not confuse people we just tend to say Hispanic. As a result I speak English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

   - Video Games

  • Gamer girl since birth!
  • Play mostly first person shooters
  • My platform PS3

I am a Fanfic writer and Fashion Blogger.
Curious to read or see my work?
For Fanfics Click Me! or Me!
I am a very friendly person so feel free to start talking to me (^-^)


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