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Sydney, Australia


Sydney, Australia

 Welcome to my Profile !

Lemme introduce myself; 18 year old hardcore kpop fan from the land down under: Australia :D
My life shamelessly revolves around Kpop and asian dramas (and the occasional League of Legends hehe).

My inspiring drama adventure began when I was nothing but a mere noob in 2010 with Hana Yori Dango. After that, I had no choice but to follow in the footpath it paved for me in embracing the Korean version; Boys Over Flowers. This then lead me to watch Hana Kimi and Playful Kiss. And before my tiny little heart could fathom it, I was already viciously infected with the infectious asian drama disease! I knew my only way of coping with this delight of a disease was to induce never-ending daily doses of Korean, Japanese, Taiwaneseand Chinese Dramas into my life! Although (un)fortunately I haven't been cured yet ^ ^

I've been into K-pop for the past 10 years of my short life of 18 years, and being the hardcore fan I am there's an endless list of groups I'm into~ 

I also watch a couple of korean variety shows ouo (RUNNING MAN <3

Check out my dramalist, send me a friend request, message and talk to me if you like 

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