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General Santos City, Philippines


General Santos City, Philippines

Welcome To My Profile :)

Hi there people of the drama world...

I am Paula Ruth, Paruth for short, Paw for shorter :)
 I am proud to be a Filipino...

I started watching Asian dramas and movies when i was 5 years old. Asian here too LOL. I am addicted to watching Filipino dramas with my family. We have that bonding time which is watching TV in mom and dad's room before going to bed. Dad used to carry us to our room when my sister and I fell asleep. We were like I slept on mom's room and woke up on my own room, suddenly its magic LOL..

I love Filipino movies and dramas, it's my first language after all then when i reach high-school my friends introduced me to manga then to anime, i was freshman back then. When i got into sophomore years my best friends introduced me to a Taiwanese drama which is METEOR GARDEN and that was the start of my world having colors. I fell in love with the casts and the story so I wanted to watch more. I am addicted to anime at that time too. My sister is addicted to Asian dramas more though. She would buy a CD of it then lock herself in her room so sometimes i will camp myself under her bed unnoticeable so i can watch her dramas too... sometimes i nick her CDs, sometimes i borrow it but knowing my sisters mood like being bipolar and very picky at times... when she's on bad mood, you should retreat immediately or you'll be deaf, she have this cold scary voice that will hunt you for days, still give me creeps... ghaaaad my sister have issues. She's quite popular because she's pretty and talented and smart unlike me, I'm a potato, a mashed one LOL. I do gets jealous of my sister because of it but i admire her more. I'm not that smart, quite different, not girly like my sister is, like boys stuffs, love motorcycles, love partying with my jeans on while my friends are on the dress things and i hate having make ups even on events. My sister told me that i am not ugly, but she also added that i'm not pretty too. EQUILIBRIUM.. LOL. I'm easy to get with, I have lots of friends and I love hanging out even with strangers, weird? yes i am quite weird, a friendly weird, but i have trust issues. I have been used a lot of times, especially by guys who wanted to befriend me because they want my sister to notice them, it made me sick.I have a lot of friends who don't have that motives and I'm happy to be with them but most of the times I really want some ME time. I'm quite comfy being an introvert :P. Its more comfy to be just here alone in my room watching my Asian Dramas with snacks on my side... ghaaad this is life LOL

I am quite chubby as you can see on the pic. It's because I love eating especially sweet stuffs and Pastas and fruit salad and fruits and Lasagna and Pizza and Burger and street foods (just exclude veggies,,,eeekkkk pukeee) I don't drink much, what's the point, I don't get drunk easily, it cost a lot of money... -.- I remember drinking with friends and Its so hard for me cuz they got all drunk. They puke everywhere, fall everywhere and you as the sober one.... you need to take care of everyone, i do draw on their faces to cover up all the hardships i made ahhahahaha its not my fault they got easily drunk.. It's funny but yeah quite bothersome, I can't just leave them in that state you know  -.- I drink more than them but I feel like drinking water with bitter taste that goes out of your nose. Pffffft. My motorcycle can't take them home and there's no taxi in our city like what i see in my Asian Dramas -.- sad life if only i can tie all of them and then just let my motor drag them til we get home is much safer than letting them go home in that state with the side car -.- I have no choice but to rent a room and get them all their and stay up for the night and watch over them so there's no crime likely to happen. Kill joy as it is, no kissing or touching when they're in that state especially when i am arround, I'll be on the bed with the girls and the boys sleep on the floor.. There was once a time that my friend who is supper drunk tried to kiss me... He fell asleep when i head butt him, damn it hurts my head, i thought i killed him... then he woke up with a bruise and asked how did he got the bruise on his face and i was like "Yesterday you were so drunk, you keep head butting yourself on the floor trying to create a hole" then I told him that  he fell on the stairs ahahahhahahhaha. 

So why am i blabbing my life? It's because it's my profile.. people who will view this means they are curious on what kind of person am i, aren't they? LOL

I love Korean music <3 but I'm not that KPOP fan i use to be like before. I am more like watching a drama or a movie then pay attention to nice songs on their soundtrack. I will listen to it from time to time and make a cover of it with my ukelele or guitar. I love my voice, it's the only asset i can compare with my sister. She have a nice voice too but she loves dancing. She told me that she loves it when I sing and that she wants me to learn guitar so I did. I really adore my sister sooo much :) She's the best sister ever, Especially when she buys me food <3

I have lots of friends online since I'm quite lazy going out of my room now a days.. You can add me on skype, line, wechat, twitter, instagram or here :) It would be nice talking to someone who is also addicted to asian dramas or movies :)

add me on skype: paruth123

and please feel free to add me here on MDL :)


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