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I'm artsy and I love swimming and writing^-^ I'm also doing okay in school w/ good grades(Which I don't know how I make time for because I'm always watching dramas...) I like historical Chinese dramas a lot. And I love Korean dramas. But Korean historical dramas... Do not mix well for me. I live in NY. And also very unorganized and for proof just take a glance at my list... I have like 45 currently watching lmao help me I've fallen and I can't get up. I like Kpop as well>~< My favorite boy group is BTS and girl group is not decided yet... My favorite solo girl is Ailee WootWoot *slaylee.* I laughed so hard at this joke DAD of the group made "What color is a burger? Burgundy," HAHHAHA I'm so corny I laugh at these. Heads up on who I am lol<3 xox


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