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Glorious Day
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by DreamingKoreanBallad

Oct 7, 2014
44 of 44 episodes seen
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Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
I loved every minute of this drama, it has made it to my top 5 Family dramas (of this length) ! Best family drama of 2014 so far! Story: a divorced mother of 3 girls ends up moving next door to her "oppa" and when families meet sparks fly (good and bad) lol, we see the process of her daughters falling in love and there's someone for the mother too ;) anyone who likes family dramas, this is one you aren't going to want to miss!!! Cast: Jae U (LSW) my personal favorite and probably the "main main" male lead - his characters never fail to make me fall for them - he was a true sweetheart <3 Da Jeong the second eldest daughter and my favorite female lead. In U who is a bit childish but funny at some points, sometimes I was a little annoyed but most of the time he'd pull a smile from my face with his childish ways - especially around his brother ;) Da Ae a pharmacist who comes to love a man with a teenager, she was nice but I hated the way she'd cry. Da In the youngest daughter a photographer and finds love along the way too - hers was shown the least but it was cute when it was shown. Seo Lee, a lot of people didn't like her - but I liked her since the first time we get to see her, she was always nice although a bit materialistic at first (I knew that would change). Then we have the grandparents - I loved them!!! Whenever they'd sing "what about my age" I'd sing along with a smile on my face :D Min Shik a very nice warm-hearted father (love it when this actor plays a good decent guy). the only people I never really liked was Shin Ae - aggravating through almost the entire show (although it never ruined the drama for me b/c all the rest of the characters wouldn't give in to her) & Ho Jang (the girls despicable father). Hee Joo a mysterious man a first, I always wondered why he was always with Da In but after a while I kind of figured it out and then things were revealed - I liked him for the most part. Ji Ho - he was cute, especially when his father came one time and we find out he takes after his daddy hehe ;) the only complaint I had about Song Jeong is her clothing!! it looked like she was in rags for most of the drama. Goong Young, I liked him "uncle" he was very persistent but never annoying - he was special. Music: most enduring song: What About My Age by Hong Jin Young - I love that song so much!!!! Re-watch value: 10/10 I will definitely find time to re-watch this drama someday :D
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