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A Stalker's Guide to Lee Wan
Editorials - Nov 13 2017

A Stalker's Guide to Lee Wan, the actor who stole DreamingKoreanBallad's heart...

A Stalker's Guide to Seo Young Joo
Editorials - Oct 14 2017

Discover everything there is to know about this young actor!

A Stalker's Guide to Noh Young Hak
Editorials - Oct 12 2017

You may not have heard of him yet, but he deserves the recognition.

A Stalker's Guide to Ahn Nae Sang
Editorials - Oct 09 2017

An ahjussi who has stolen my heart with every role he plays as a father. He make me want to call him abeoji.

A Stalker's Guide to Lee Sang Yeob
Editorials - Oct 05 2017

An actor who excels at bringing the tears and is sure to move your heart. My mom and I fell for him the first time we saw him in a drama.

Korea - Turbulent Times Following the Korean War
Editorials - Sep 21 2017

While introducing the major events in South Korea's history that followed the Korean War, this article also provides a selection of dramas and movies set in this era.

A Stalker's Guide to Lee Hyun Woo
Editorials - Sep 10 2017

This MDL'er has been hooked on this Actor ever since Return of Iljimae. See what makes him so outstanding in this guide!

A Stalker's Guide to Yoo Seung Ho [Updated Edition]
Editorials - Aug 27 2017

A beloved child actor turned teen actor and now into his adult roles. He wins your heart, and his tears will be sure to make you hurt with him.

A Stalker's Guide to Yeo Jin Goo
Editorials - Aug 16 2017

The actor that has stolen our hearts over the years, from childhood and now into adulthood.

A Stalker's Guide to Nam Goong Min
Editorials - Aug 13 2017

An actor who has started to gain popularity later in his career. I'm sure you've come across him at least once!

A Stalker's Guide to Kim Young Kwang
Editorials - Aug 07 2017

This tall sweet man will be sure to wiggle his way into your heart! He's been gaining a bigger piece of mine with each and every drama. ^^

A Stalker's Guide to Kim Tae Hoon
Editorials - Aug 04 2017

A phenomenal actor who deserves the chance to shine in bigger roles! You may recognize him from Angry Mom, Fantastic or The Guardians.

A Stalker's Guide to Ji Il Joo
Editorials - Jul 28 2017

An actor who hasn't been given a chance to truly shine yet. It's about time people start recognising his talent and give him main lead roles.

A Stalker's Guide to Dong Ha
Editorials - Jul 25 2017

An underrated actor who shines in every role he's given, whether it's a supporting, side, or guest appearance.

Japanese Occupation of Korea ~ Part 2
Editorials - Jun 30 2017

See what events led up to the Japanese occupation of Korea, and the dramas based in that setting.