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The Princess' Man
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Nov 13, 2014
Overall 10.0
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
Another drama that gets a 10 across the board from me lol, This was seriously such a good drama though, my heart is overflowing now after finishing it (how will I recover? <3 ) The beginning is really sweet and romantic and very enjoyable to watch - I was drawn in more by each episode but I was totally sunk by episode 11 (what can I say - I LOVE action mixed with desperate romance <3 ) Cast: Park Shi Ho (Seung Yu) he's a pretty good lookin' guy to begin with but take his hair down and put dark clothes on him - man you got a stud ;D Seriously, I have a thing for guys dressed like that <3 He starts off as a cheerful playboy type that changes when tragedy strikes his family - he then transforms into this Wildman for a few episodes (seriously, my sister walked in and asked me if I was watching a tarzan movie lol) and after that he goes into serious hottie mode - I can't not fangirl over him right now <3 Moon Chae Won (Se Ryeong) a very strong and brave woman who will risk anything for the man she loves. I loved her character and I applauded her several times (I even cheered once). She is exceptionally beautiful in this drama - her eyes are like does eyes - so pretty and so big and clear ;D Hong Soo Hyun (Princess Kyung Hye) when I started this I honestly wasn't that thrilled to see her after watching her very bad performance on Give Love Away earlier this year - I had put her on my blacklist - but after watching this drama I have to say she redeemed herself in my book and is now going to be removed from my blacklist. I really liked her character on here, I was slightly annoyed with her during a couple of the earlier episodes when her dad was alive but after that I loved her. Song Jong Ho (Shin Myun) - I hated his guts so much >_< I was anticipating his death. I loved Seung Yu's side-kicks from episode 11+ ;D they were a great addition to the show ;D And I adored his little niece - such a cutie <3 I could mention more but I covered the main ;D Music: I loved all of it, but one song in particular (the very first song played on the very first episode) sounds identical to the Christmas song (Ring Christmas Bells) that half the time I couldn't take it seriously - I liked it but my mind would sing the Christmas song that I know lol - My favorite part's of the OST come by episode 13+ (Perfect songs with the perfect singers) <3 Re-watch Value: 10 - I will definitely re-watch this drama again (I might skip some of the "elder" characters scenes early on though lol) Highly recommended ;D
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