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Itoshi Kimi e
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by FarahNeseli

Jul 22, 2012
11 of 11 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
Itoshi Kimi e is a heartwarming, uplifting, simple yet elegant drama. As one can guess from the synopsis the plot isn’t very original. May be it was in 2004 but in the past few years we’ve been presented with countless dramas in which the main characters are diagnosed with rare diseases. That is the very reason why I didn’t pick this drama up sooner though it had been on my watching list for a long time. If you look at only the basic storyline, it may not appear to be something extraordinary but the intriguing metaphors, conforming cast, moving performance and adroit direction altogether work out to distinguish this drama from the ones sharing similar plot-line. The story is depicted in a narrative style. Each episode starts and ends with deliberate, thoughtful insights of one of the main characters- Shiki. The drama follows a very classic style accompanied by beautifully fitting music and subtly progresses to unfold various events and develop the relationship among the characters. It tells us the memorable yet unlikely love story between Shunsuke, a talented and famed photographer, who is about to go blind in a few months and Shiki, a kind-hearted and unpretentious pediatrician, who seeks to define her role in the final moments of her beloved one. I said ‘unlikely’ because the role of Shiki wasn’t supposed to be the one who stands by Shunsuke at the end; rather it was meant to be that of a “mere audience”….. as she herself described it. One of the many things I liked in this drama is that it does not use the word ‘love’ lightly or take this intense feeling for granted rather it seeks to find out the true meaning behind it. As a result, we get to enjoy the detailed, gentle, fateful encounters which brought these two destined persons together. The meaningful sub-plots, perceptive dialogues, appreciative characters stir our emotion, compel us to ponder over life and appreciate what we have even more. This drama has an ensemble of beautiful characters. Each of them shines in their own way and enriches the main story with their own follies, hardships, sadness and joys of life. They are not perfect but they tried their best to do the right thing from their own perspective and that’s why they felt so real. They are not persons who disregard the pains of others only because they didn’t have the misfortune to experience those themselves and that’s why I loved all of them. I promise that the characters will surprise you, will make you cry and laugh along with them. I’ve always liked Fujiki Naohito but in this drama he was simply gorgeous. Kanno Miho did a fairly good job as an innocent, honest, young doctor. The rest of the cast was just impeccable. Although the storyline hints at being pretty solemn, it’s not tearfully sentimental. It’s also a drama about family and friendship with lots of funny, humorous moments which make the mood lighter at the appropriate time. There are some dramatic, cheesy and predictable moments but it doesn’t affect the overall excellence of the tale. I decided not to over-hype it but don’t think I succeeded. The plot isn’t unique after all and I’d recommend it only when you are in the mood to try something slow, earnest but significant. The very last scene of this drama is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen in a drama. Even if you don’t like the drama as much as I did and decide to drop it, I’d ask you to watch the last few moments of this drama and I believe it’ll be able to touch your heart.
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