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Hiiiiiiiiii(annyeong)  i'm  dorathi             
i  get to know about existance of dramaland  in was a coincidence(no its luck:)) when i was searching some songs. my addiction to the dramaland  began <3<3<3    
        "Personal Taste"  drama's 4-minute  ost  is the first mv i have watched


so lee min ho is the first guy i ever watched(i fell for) in obviously i'm a lmh fan.


 my first drama was coffee prince even though i knew lee min ho first.there i got my fav actress yoon eun hye.she's   such a cutie and great and gong yoo  is super hot.








its my mooooooooost fav drama.
so from then i've watched many dramas among them my fav dramas are

  • goong
  • you're beautiful
  • playful kiss
  • boys over flowers
  • cityhunter
  • a gentleman's dignity  
  • iljimae
  • flower boy  series  and  many more ............                           

fav movies:

  • love 911
  • 200 pounds beauty
  • confessions of a murder
  • baby and i
  • everybody has secrets
  • sunny
  • my p.s patner and many more....

some more fav actors  are:go soo,bae yong jun, lee byung hyun,jang don gun, kim hyun joong,lee jun ki,ji sung,jung woo sung,hyun bin,park yoo chun,lee seung gi
actresses:park shin hye,han hyo jo,shin min ah,ha ji won,kim han neul,song hye kyo.
 yamashita tomahisa  is my fav actor.


haruka ayase is my fav actress.
my fav dramas are

  • tatta hitotsu no koi
  • liar game
  • buzzer beat
  • koizora
  • love shuffle
  • switch girl
  • proposal daisekusan
  • richman and poor woman and many more.........

fav movies:

  • paradise kiss
  • koizora
  • i gave my first love to you
  • bokura ga ita 1&2
  • Bandage  
  • other  fav actors:jin akanishi,kamenishi kazuya,toma ikuta, oguri shun, haruma miura,matsumoto jun

fav actresses:inoue mao,nagasawa masami,yoshitaka yuriko,toda erika,kitagawa keiko
vic zhou is my fav actor.

ariel lin is my fav actress.




fav dramas:

  • meteor shower 1&2
  • black &white;
  • devil beside you
  •  romantic princess
  • it started with a kiss 
  • they kissed again
  • bull fighting

fav movies:

  •  butterfly lovers
  • secret
  • perfect two  as i watched very few taiwan movies

other fav actors:mike he,jerry yan,vannes wu,joe cheng,peter ho

actresses:carline choi,cyndi wang,janinie chang,sonia sui.

       hope we get much more interesting dramas and movies.dont mind if there are any mistakes!!!!! 






                                            for viewing my profile!!!



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