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The Snow Queen korean drama review
The Snow Queen
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by Fajushi
Nov 26, 2017
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 9.0
When I started this drama I was not feeling well... Sometimes Life is not easy to handle... You feel there is no way out but after watching this drama I realized there is always an answer to every problem... All you have to do is walking on the path to solve it...

 Hyun bin is amazing in this drama... His pain melts your heart and his love blew your head... His expressions are remarkable... He is playing a character teen age to a mature man... In first episodes you will feel he is not doing something extra ordinary due to some lose ends of the story... In the beginning writer tried to tell us about the background of characters and clear the concept of title the snow queen... Hyun bin did his best in later episodes...
Main lead girl is lil off beat but in last two episodes she finally catched her her flight and led us to a nice melodramatic journey... Still I felt she could have done far better as hyun bin gave his all... Second lead is good looking guy with innocent face so him being an ass like other second leads was out of question... You will definitely sympathies him as he was victim...
Scenes are well connected even though some characters were missing like main leads moms were suddenly out of scene and never appeared again... Then hyun bin class fellow who approached him first was missing after everything was it looked lil untidy...over all cinematography is amazing... Snow, flowers, mountains, and beautiful landscape are worth mentioned...everything feels so warming and thought provoking...

Storyline is quite interesting and heart touching... Sometimes we punish ourselves for something that has nothing to do with us... If any of our closed one gets hurt and we won't able to help them we start regretting it and make our life miserable... And that is the point where we need just one person to hold us and tell us that's not our fault... Even if it is miserable...even if you are living in hell...even if you feel death is better than living still live...force yourself to live even if you lost all your hopes and love... Living is better than dying... Live like a human not like an insect... Everyone is responsible for their act nobody's act is your fault... Don't put yourself in misery as people who love you who are your family your friends will feel more miserable than you... Hats off to the massage and storyline portrayed by actors...
This drama is only about hyun bin and just cherish your heart seeing him... Yes there is no happy ending but there is hope to live and that's enough for us... One doesn't need happy need
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