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^ THAT'S ME when I find a new HOT guy in dramas! LOL

~~~~~~~~~~Short Introduction:-~~~~~~~~~~

Nationality:- Indian

 ♥ Location:- Japan

  Favorite Genre of Drama:- romance | comedy + happy ending

 Learning Japanese and Korean | Japanese Level:- Daily Conversation | Korean Level:- Basic conversation/greetings

Feel free to add me! Let's be friends!  ♥ ♥

~~~~~~~~Detailed Introduction~~~~~~~~

Hi! I am Aayu (= IU) from India, though living in Japan since April, 2017.

I have been using this website since 2015, though this is my first time posting in MDL. Nice to meet everyone!

I watched my first Japanese drama in 2009, I think it was Itazurana kiss ( the older version). And, I started watching Korean drama in 2011 when my friend asked me to watch Boys Over flowers, and since then it's been a never-ending journey. I love romantic comedy, and I love cheesy lines lol ;) I have watched few Chinese and Thai dramas too. If you have any drama recommendations then feel free to message me :) 

Also, I am learning Japanese and Korean. Japanese Level = daily conversation | Korean Level = basic conversation/greetings. I love learning languages <3 It makes me happy ^_^ Finally after 1 year of hard work, I understand 80% of Japanese dramas & 60% of Korean dramas without English subtitles.

Feel free to message me if you want to talk to me, we can talk about anything or just fangirl  ;)


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