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hi everyone ! first of all i'm a kpop addicted . in 2016 i fell in love with korean boy group BTS and after that i started to follow more and more groups like EXO, GOT7, MONSTA X and right now i'm so obsessed with SUPER JUNIOR . During my EXO obsession period i found out their web drama EXO next door that i loved so much that i rewatched it six times at least. Then it was a full immersion in web drama … i enjoyed dream knight , choco bank and noble my love . At that time i didn't know the existence of full dramas. One day i noticed them but they seemed so long: too many episodes and too many minutes ( or hours ) but i wanted to try one. My very first drama was Oh my ghostess and after that i watched 1 drama per week. 

Right now i watched more than 200 dramas, they are just so original and perfect. I have also watched chinese, thai and japanese dramas but i think the best ones are korean because of the setting , actors and because of the money they spend every time to make a kdrama ( think about how many millions to make Are you human )Now i am watching japanese movies and dramas and korean currently airing because i think i have already watched all the good ones from 2012 to 2016 that i had missed in my past non-asia-addicted life.

My favorite korean actors are …. all of them !! i seriously love them all, from the youngest to the eldest , from dongsaeng to ajusshi, it doesn't matter to me, they are all good. But, if i were to make a bias list i will put these ones in the first places.

1) Park Bo gum : with his cuteness and big smile he always makes you feel loved

2) Lee Jong suk: the perfect boyfriend, yet so out of reach because he's not from this world, i mean. how can be possible that such a guy actually exists?

3) Park seo joon: both funny and sexy. 

4) Seo Kang joon: he's actually a robot

 5) Park hyun sik: he's very kind and gentleman. i really loved all of this drama except for Suits


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