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Your Man's heart ????


Your Man's heart ????

Hi my name is Rita

I was born and raised in the United States. I majored in chemistry when i was in college (concentration in biochemistry). Watching dramas and listening to music are my past times. My first Drama (non-american based) was Secret Garden (Korean) and will remain in my top 10 of all time. I have an obsession with It started with a kiss. So...I've seen all versions (drama and anime) and remakes (specials included). Coffe prince is also a classic fave(open to remakes).

 I HATE....HATE....Boys over Flowers. The leads get on my nerves sooo much that i couldn't finish the first 10mins of the first episode.

I've been into Thai, Taiwanese, and Chinese dramas lately. I like all genres but Bl(boys love) takes my heart. My fave BL is Addicted.

Come check me out on the Amino app. I make post now and again. I am also a curator for the Taiwanese & Chinese Drama Amino. I haven't been active in the past couple of months but that will change soooooooon. I will leave links to post i make later.

What i want to see in dramas?:

Realistic LGBT+ characters/concepts

Strong female leads without stereotypical independent woman flaws

Plot with out predictable events (amnesia, white truck of death, etc.)

Mental health awarness and education


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