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Somewhere on Earth


Somewhere on Earth

Hello and welcome to my page!

I have been watching dramas for almost four years - Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese and Lakorn. I mostly listen to OSTs from dramas, BTS (but I don't consider myself to be an army) EXO and a couple of other bands but its normally just one or two songs.

 My genre preferences

Mystery With RomanceLaw (Police Only)
Historical (FUTURE
Time Travel Only)

My Preferred Tags

BromanceStrong Female Lead
Happy EndingsBL
Fake RelationshipTwins
Marriage ContractsInterspecies Romance
Poor Male LeadIdentity Swap
Nice Male LeadEnemies to Lovers

My Firsts

First Korean drama - Secret Garden (dropped)

First Taiwanese drama - Love Aound

First Japanese drama - Good Morning Call

First Thai Lakorn - Full House

First BL - Love By Chance

My Avoids

Park Shin Hye dramas (exception of MOTA)Medical dramasHorror dramas
Historical dramasKorean School dramasAbusive Lakorns
Bullying plotsRich man/Poor Woman (Arrogant) plotsDamsel in distress/
childish female leads

My ratings

I rate AFTER I've completed a drama. Any dramas with ratings that's not been completed or has been dropped was before I made this decision.

1 - 5 = Why did I even waste my time with this crap? 

6 - 7 = Not the worst but could've been a LOT better.

8 - 8.5 = A few unanswered questions but still great viewing.

9 - 9.5 = Amazing drama but ending was either rushed, sad or open ending.

10 = The drama was PERFECT! Re-watch worth *heart eyes*

Current Drama Obsessions

Are You Human Too? - Just because its over it doesn't mean I'm not obsessing over it still.

Fave Ships

Favourite Bad Boy

Fave K-Dramas

Fave C-Dramas

Fave T-Dramas

Fave Lakorns

Fave OSTs


Are You Human Too? (All tracks including background music) Are You Human Too? I'm Not a Robot (All Tracks)
I'm Not a Robot
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (All Tracks)
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Go Go Waikiki (Waikiki Wonderland)
Go Go Waikiki
Accidentally in Love (Opening track)
To Be Your Love
A Korean Odyssey (All tracks)
A Korean Odyssey 

Favourite Actors/Actresses

 Random K-Pop Music I Like

Samuel - Teenager Samuel - ONE  MOMOLAND - BAAM 5urprise - Shake It Up Red Velvet - Peekaboo 
Gashina - Sunmi 
BTS - Airplane pt.2 
EXO-CBX - Thursday
EXID - Up & Down 

I love Xiumin, from his hairstyles, fashion sense, voice, expressions - so you could say that he' my bias. I think he's talented - great actor, dancer and singer - funny, and adorable. 

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