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Somewhere in the UK


Somewhere in the UK

Welcome to my page!

March 2016 - "what's this thing you keep watching" I said to my Korean drama addicted friend.

March 2017 - addicted to K-dramas and T-dramas

July 2017 - addicted to K-drama, T-drama, and Lakorn

Jan 2018 - discovered my one and only bias - Xiumin - someone PLEASE give him a first lead full drama! 

I love OSTs and a few K-pop band/singers.  They help me focus when I have different things to get through.

I came to find out that once you start watching Asian dramas and listening to K Pop there's no going back! Lol 

 My genre preferences

☑ Romcom  ☑ Comedy ☑ Mystery blended with Romance ☑ Supernatural ☑ Sci fi ☑ Law

My Avoids

☒ Park Shin Hye dramas 

☒ Medical dramas 

☒ Horror dramas 

☒ Chinese historical dramas 

☒ Korean school drama

My ratings

I rate AFTER I've completed a drama. Any dramas with ratings that's not been completed or has been dropped was before I made this decision.

1 - 5 = why did I even waste my time with this crap?

6 - 7 = Not the worst but could've been a LOT better.

8 - 9 = A few unanswered questions but still great viewing.

10 = OMFG I HAVE TO REWATCH THIS DRAMA!!!!! *heart eyes*

Current Drama Obsessions

Are You Human Too?

Come and Hug Me

Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim

Fave K-Dramas

Fave C-Dramas

Fave T-Dramas

Fave Lakorns

Fave OSTs

When I Saw You - Bumkey

I'm Not a Robot

Go Go Waikiki

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

 Actors & actresses I love to watch: 


Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

Nadech & Yaya (together) 

I love Xiumin, from his hairstyles, fashion sense, voice, expressions - so you could say that he' my bias. I think he's talented - great actor, dancer and singer - funny, and adorable. 


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