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Salisbury, Maryland


Salisbury, Maryland

~Welcome to my DRAMALAND~


My name is Julie, I'm an average Drama/K-pop/J-rock/Anime/Manga/Movie lover. 

I am 23 aka aging...

I am Vietnamese and I was born in France. I moved to Texas, USA 6 years ago. 

I speak French and English. I can understand a bit of Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin.


First, I knew about anime when I was 5. Thanks to my dad ^^. I read manga too. I am mostly into Shoujo. But for anime, I am more into Shonen/Action and Comedy. 

In 2009, I learned about K-Pop. And Kdrama came along when I "caught" my mom watching "Boys Over Flowers". And here I am, addicted to all of those. I have a lot of biases. That would include female and male actors and idols. My ultimate bias is Hongseok from Pentagon.

A Pure Visual...

Lead Vocal not main dancer for sure but dance better that I would ever in my entire life... 

Exercise more than he breaths aka a leaving Apollo *abs* 



You're Welcome. My eyes and yours are probably *coughcough* blessed at that very moment... You can thank me later...

Despite his physic, he is... *the mom of the group*

Did I say he is a lead vocal?!

Click play and let your ears be blessed. You're welcome again...

I also am a huge fan of SNSD aka Girl's Generation. Yeah! SONE in the blood. Yeah I know they disbanded *don't touch me I am getting emotional* They are such a good role model. BTS and EXO are my favorite K-Pop male group. Yeah ARMY (mostly) and EXO-L in the blood as well. They are my favorite but I also appreciate other talent: SISTAR, Girl's Day, Red Velvet, Seventeen, VIXX, BEAST, B.A.P, ASTRO, Super Junior, SHINee, TVXQ, After School, Rainbow, Miss A, Nu'est, Boyfriend, ZE:A, U-KISS, MBLAQ, 2PM, f(x), BoA, G.NA, 100%, TEEN TOP, NC.A, KARA, Double A, Double S503, BTOB, C.N Blue, FT Island, AOA, Phantom, 4Men, Infinite, Monsta X, Gfriend, Secret, Nine Muses, Eric Nam, A-Pink, Seo in Guk, AKMU, B1A4, Say Yes, C-Clown,... Well, I can go on and on but you get the picture I love Kpop. Some are disbanded as well *don't mention it... feels* 






For J-Rock I really like nano, First Story, UVERworld, BACK-ON,  EDGE of LIFE, Konomi Suzuki, CHiCO, fhána, SPYAIR, SID, Aoi Eir, Haruka Luna, LiSA, Aqua Timez, Porno Graffiti, miwa, Rei Yasuda, fripSide, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, SCANDAL, Stereopony, ViViD, YUI,... 

Since I began to watch Drama/Anime/Movies,reading Manga's and listening K-pop. I have indeed a site for my watched Anime and reading Manga's: My Anime/Manga List ^^~ if you are interested in it. I am also on Animetrakr/Aozora as JulyKpop.

I have watched so many dramas that it is hard at this point to pick a number 1 favorite. Therefore, I have come up with a top dramas list ^_^ Of course, they are only ones I have completed. With news ones coming up my list will change over time.

Moving on!


Dramas are the best thing in the world that have touched my entire life so did Anime/K-pop/J-rock. I learn a lot from them and I will definitely continue watching/listening to them until the end *^*~

My first Drama was ''Boys Over Flowers'' I have watched all the version of it and I love them all. My favorite movie is a Philipino movie names "The Bet". I totally recommend it!

My favorite actress is Park Shin Hye, My Queen! and my favorite actor is...Well! I can't choose lol but I have a top actors list if you feel interested.




I'm a very opened person so I would like to make friends and be able to discuss things that I like or dislike.


~Let's Dance~

Enjoy your life the fullest and keep dramathon~

PS: If you have made it through all of my description, I would like to thank you for reading it. I really appreciate it. Anyway, you might have noticed that I watch many dramas at the same time. Well I easily get bored so I tend to watch multiple to be entertained XD


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