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   My Recent Quentin Tarantino Obsession


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“Approach a friend that’s crying and say it to them: Both you and I, no matter what comes our way, we will get through it.” - School 2015                    

"That's when you know you've found somebody real special. When you can just shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably share silence." - Pulp Fiction

"Don’t be lazy with an opportunity that’s been given to you, which is infinitely precious to someone else."

—  Cha Yoo Jin, Cantabile Tomorrow.                                                        

      " How nice would it be if people could foresee their time of death, and be able to say their goodbyes?…Perhaps it is impossible, but that is also why we must live each day as if it were our most precious."

—  Seo Bing Go (shaman), Oh My Ghost.                                                    

"Everything in the world is a game. Thinking that you’ve lost…giving up in the middle…is stupid. The one who lasts till the end, enjoying the game, is the winner. That’s probably the rule of this world."
—  Kiritani Shuuji, Nobuta wo Produce

"There are truths in the world that are better left unknown."
—  Lawyer Cha (I Hear Your Voice)

              When one of my friends introduce me to someone new                  

Me after attempting to be normal                       



           Hello there gorgeous ;)


                                                          When I really like a new series



                                                              This guy makes days funnier 


                 What I do with my chair trying to do stuff                    

 Don't be a stranger! :D 


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