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Spain (Mallorca)


Spain (Mallorca)


Who I am?

I’m just a teenage girl who loves cute and beautiful things. When I’m not obsessed with some drama I read a lot, one of my favourite books is Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, there’s an amazing movie too.

How I started watching dramas?

Almost two years ago I saw My Sassy Girl in a famous Spanish website, I didn’t know it was Korean I just liked the synopsis but the link was broken 

so I watched it on YouTube. After this I discovered the world of korean movies on YouTube then just passed to dramas and with the dramas I began to listen K-pop, thanks to EatYourKimchi (I’m a big nasty). I love SHInee, B2ST, Infinite, Exo, Teen Top and B.A.P the most ^^  Chanyeol: (being cute) OH a hand! Yummie!!  Check it out if you haven't heard about it and you <3 Korea

Mary's just like me XD

My firsts: Hana Yori Dango (Japanese drama), I Give My First Love to You (Japanese movie), Sophie's  Revenge (Chinese movie), Boys Before Flowers (Korean drama), My Sassy Girl (Korean movie), Skip Beat! (Taiwanese drama), Love You 10000 Years (Taiwanese movie), A little crazy thing called love (Thai movie).


Do I watch anime?

When I was a kid I watched anime but I wasn’t aware of it, I just thought the were normal cartoons just like Disney or Looney Tunes. These animes are part of my childhood: Shin Chan, Arale, Conan Detective, Doraemon and Card Captor Sakura.

When I watched Kimi ni Todoke life action film I fell in love with its cuteness so I watched also the anime. 

Cute, cute, cute love and friendship everywhere!!

I watched Kamisama Hajimemashita and Ouran High School Host Club but till then I didn’t watch anime in years.

Variety Shows
- Dad where are you going? ep 14

My Chemical Romance I want you back!!!!!!!

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