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It started with this...

And by little girl I mean teenager. But whatever.

I was an otaku before being an otaku was considered cool. Back then I knew dramas existed but only as "live action shows." Many years as a happy otaku kept me satisfied until... I grew up.

I know! Don't yell at me. I'm just saying that I grew away from anime. I still read manga. And I'm fully aware that you don't outgrow anime. But that's what happened to me. 

I discovered dramas two years ago. That makes me a baby to the fandom but I'm cool with that. I'm catching up.

First Drama: Boys Over Flowers (isn't that everyone's?) about a thousand years ago during my otaku days. I thought I was experiencing a really, really good drug hallucination. 

First Actual Drama: (As in, watched knowing it was a drama): Spring Waltz. Don't judge me. I loved every minuet of the angsty angst going on.

First T-Drama: Fated to Love You. It's still my top favorite Taiwanese drama. And that Korean adaptation? It slayed me.

First J-Drama: Kimi Wa Petto. Because that manga will be buried with me. Another drama I watched not knowing what the hell I was watching. 

I also dabble in Bollywood because that shit is awesome. 

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi- Dancing Jodi- best movie EVER!

This sums up my addiction to all Asain TV shows- no matter what country:


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