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The discovery of k-drama-land a year ago made me addictive. I'm not getting tired to watch my favorite eps over and over again. Korean productions are simply touching! How do they do that? Despite all their fake kissing scenes and exaggerated chastity Generally, I'm not such a big fan of passing criticism on other people's work, because an outsider can't imagine how huge the effort was. No matter how bad the result is! It's some kind of respect for the work. Nevertheless, I find it helpful to read reviews and to take a careful look at the score of each production. However, I will not use any figure below five to rate anything!!! So, five out of ten means: they've worked, but they've failed. No recommendation for a "five"! MDL is a very good possibility to discover more and to organize it better. I wished I would have discovered it earlier. Thanks MDL, you assist us addicts greatly! Caution!You’re entering a poor spelling area (indifferent to the language used).I don’t care about such things ^_^


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