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North Carolina
Itty Bitty Time taker uppers
376 0

List of shorter dramas, Specials, Web Dramas, Minis that I want to watch or have watched.All under 3 hours of your time. If you like something…

Nail Biters, Whodunits & Villainy
183 0

Thrillers, Suspense, Mysteries, Crime, Investigations

Causes Ugly Crying /Heartbreaking
127 4

These Dramas & movies have been said to make you cry your eyes out. As I watch them I'm removing them if they didn't bring me to…

Cute, Fluffy, Sweet
13 0

These are light, easy to watch and have little to NO angsty drama!

Pint-Size Stories
40 0

Dramas that are much smaller than the average time.

Teams & Partners
114 0

If you like people working together then these are for you.

I Will Survive!
36 0

Disasters, Epidemics, Dystopian & Zombies

The Good, The Bad, The Weird!
10 0

Outrageous & Ridiculous but you can't stop watching.

Walk walk, Fashion Baby
11 2

stories that take place in the fashion industry

HopeYou Got Lots of Time
28 0

Long ass dramas. Over the normal 24 count.

Paranormal/ Supernatural/Fantasy/Horror PTW
47 0

These are my plan to watch lists. Instead of me looking through the huge list I have I broke them up into section.

77 0

Change of bodies, personalities, or from old to young. being possessed, Identity Swaps

Sign on the Dotted line
26 0

Contracts & Deals made

Wonder Twin powers, Activate!
42 0

Dramas & Movies with special abilities or "Super Powers"

Watch With A Friend
94 0

Dramas & Movies I'm watching with Nat ( Naksken )

Mr.Sunshine Cast Challenge
12 0

Must watch a movie from each main role cast.Then pick 5 from the supporting cast.The actors must be either main role or “support” role for…

Guilty Pleasures
19 0

These were dramas and movies that I've rated low because they have way too many problems, but for some reason, I just couldn't stop…

Kisses and Desire
22 0

These either have Lots of Kissing or lots of Chemistry and some kissing

Ready Player One
14 0

Movies & Dramas with Virtual Reality or Gaming

Do Overs
20 0

a second chance at life, fixing mistakes made

17 0

Dramas & movies about friends ..