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North Carolina
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Causes Ugly Crying /Heartbreaking

These Dramas & movies have been said to make you cry your eyes out. As I watch them I'm removing them if they didn't bring me to tears.…

332 titles 498 loves 36 comments
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Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News

Movies & Dramas dealing with Medical Staff & cases.

130 titles 3 loves
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Itty Bitty Time taker uppers

List of shorter dramas, Specials, Web Dramas, Minis.All 1 to 3 hours of your time. If you need something shorter (UNDER an Hour) try my TinkerBell…

846 titles 215 loves 5 comments
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Females Are Strong as Hell
94 titles 45 loves 8 comments
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Runner-Ups to Favs

Runner-ups to my Favorite Dramas & Movies. I'd almost call this my Second favorite list.Loved the overall experience of these and would…

78 titles 3 loves 2 comments
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TinkerBell Size Tales...Under an Hour

These are all an HOUR or Under!*please note that this is a work in process*For something a little longer see Itty Bitty Time Taker uppersSomething…

1039 titles 41 loves 7 comments
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The Good, The Bad, The Weird!

Outrageous & Ridiculous but you can't stop watching.They are definitely different.

20 titles 3 loves
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Favorite Dramas

These are dramas that I find myself thinking about often and rewatching either scenes or whole episodes.Also my Runner Up list - it's sorta…

28 titles 11 loves 1 comment
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Revenge, Betrayals, Setups & Schemes
94 titles 21 loves
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Villainy, Criminals & Hoodlums
60 titles 1 love
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One isn't enough!

Dramas & Movies with series or sequels!

166 titles 2 loves
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Just for FUN

Nothing serious made just for the laughs.

16 titles
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Cotton Candy - Cute, Fluffy, Sweet

These are light, easy to watch and have little to NO angsty drama!

31 titles 12 loves 1 comment
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Ghosts, Spirits, Souls..
112 titles 14 loves 1 comment
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Umm.. What's up with that title?
25 titles 3 loves
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Guilty Pleasures

These were dramas and movies that I've rated lower than my favorites because they have way too many problems, but for some reason, I just couldn't…

48 titles 9 loves 1 comment
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Walk walk, Fashion Baby

stories that take place in the fashion industry

26 titles 1 love 2 comments
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HopeYou Got Lots of Time

Long ass dramas. Over the normal 24 count.

124 titles 6 loves
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Three's Company
93 titles 8 loves
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Movies I Loved

These are my favorite movies. I have other movies that I adore but they are on my "Runner-up" list.

19 titles 8 loves
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Friends' Favorite Films Challenge pg2

Every movie is a title that came off of a friend's Favorite Movie List.(Continuation from this page.)*note* if you don't see your name on either…

63 titles 2 loves
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Friends' Favorite Films Challenge

Every movie is a title that came off of a friend's Favorite Movie List. Continued on page 2

75 titles 1 love
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Time Travel, Alt Reality & Sci-Fi
191 titles 51 loves
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2023 Stuff I watched

Things I've watched in 2023Last year's list is HERE

206 titles 2 loves
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Ready Player One

Movies & Dramas with Virtual Reality or Gaming

26 titles 1 love
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Grim/Soul Reapers, Angels of Death & Guardian Angels
42 titles 10 loves 2 comments
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Cheatin' Hearts
96 titles 67 loves 10 comments
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Like a Brick

Movies & Dramas that are Heavy and/or Dark

21 titles
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Wonder Twin powers, Activate!

Dramas & Movies with special abilities or "Super Powers"

88 titles 8 loves
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Teams & Partners

If you like people working together then these are for you.

191 titles 171 loves
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Hot For Teacher
35 titles 32 loves
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The Over 40 Crowd

Some drama & movies I think would be more appreciated by the over 40 crowd.

60 titles 3 loves
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Scully & Mulder Approved!

If it's weird, it's probably here. You know, an X-file - I want to Believe!Dramas and Films where the leads are solving mysteries involving…

96 titles 5 loves
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Pint-Size Stories

These are anywhere from 3hrs long to 6 hrs long.Need something under an hour? Try my TinkerBell Size list .Have more time than an hour but these…

309 titles 26 loves
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Nail Biters & Whodunits

Thrillers, Suspense, Mysteries, Crime, Investigations

399 titles 356 loves
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Perfectly Imperfect
166 titles
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Our Last Goodbye

Dramas and movies where the main focus is death, dying, terminal illness, Hospice.

23 titles
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Bad Boy Love
28 titles 4 loves
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Sign on the Dotted line

Contracts & Deals made

42 titles 10 loves
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Palace Problems
112 titles
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Juke Box Playlist

Songs from Movies & Dramas that I loved.

59 titles
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The Evil That Men Do

No one can predict what lies in one's heart. 

15 titles
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Kisses and Desire

These either have Lots of Kissing or lots of Chemistry and some kissing, or just real kisses not pecks on cheek.

25 titles 6 loves
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Circle of Life Title Challenge

Watch a Drama or Movie with these words in the title (or alternate title for it.) it can be any of the words listed at the number.1. Life2.…

7 titles
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Ragamuffins R' Us

Movies and dramas that involve children

77 titles
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Change of bodies, personalities, or from old to young. being possessed, Identity Swaps

89 titles 19 loves
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I Will Survive!

Disasters, Epidemics, Dystopian & Zombies

45 titles 1 love
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Robots, AI and Androids
55 titles 3 loves