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Venturing off into the world of bl first started with  Wattpad. It first started with reading straight couples, this became tiresome; the female characters cried all the time (for no reason), it was intolerable. Then a solution was found in the form of gay books recommended by Wattpad, and from that point on, it was the only thing read.

Eventually, curiosity started to kick in. I started to wonder if there were shows out there about this. So conducting research, I discovered some movies on the internet, but they all had an unhappy ending, but after more research, I then discovered Thailand bl series.

Make It Right 2was the first bl I ever watched, it was a rollercoaster. If was confusing, since I started at Season 2. Took a break after finishing it. But after a month, I decided to try again and ever since I was hooked.

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