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Hi, my name is Kay! I am a twenty-four-year-old (born in 1995) college student, from Alabama.

 I don't really know what to write about myself other than to vent about my SICK obsession with dramas and variety shows! 

I like all kinds of drama genres from thriller to comedy, but I do tend to watch more romance if that says anything about my personality lol. 

I watched Boys Over Flowers, in '14, and it was my first drama. I remember being like wtf at how ridiculous it was, but then somehow that ridiculousness became addicting, and here I am. . . 

Other than watching dramas, I typically do a lot of school work and socializing. I am a hobby-flip-flopper lol, I rarely stick with one activity, as I get bored easily, and the only ones I kept are watching dramas, swimming, and reading. 

My favorite drama of all time is Wild Romance. I don't even understand it myself, but it was seriously so funny. I felt like all of their laughs were real and probably NGs that they kept.

 Actually, I prefer romance dramas without comedy, but Wild Romance somehow got me. 

tumblr_inline_njzg9gEHvG1rd1rsl.gif  tumblr_lygylzHtjD1qbx93o.gif

The criteria for my favorite dramas is simply if I watch it more than three times, and I like it each time.

I am a sucker for dramas involving infidelity, which is very bizarre as I hate books that cover the subject. 

Although I like those dramas, I cannot stand watching when the situation is portrayed lightly.

For example, I have seen numerous dramas where the husband does absurd things while cheating, to the point of being "comical." I never find those moments funny. . . just frustrating. I prefer realistic takes on cheating. 


Byun Woo Min - Temptation of Wife

A great example of wonderful acting in a SERIOUS infidelity drama is Kim Jee Soo's character portrayal in One Warm Word, I really did cry so hard, during her breakdowns T__T.


Kim Jee Soo- One Warm Word

I really watch dramas from any country, but I have the hardest time getting into Japanese dramas and movies. I'm still trying though! 

I absolutely love Kahogo no Kahoko.

My favorite Japanese drama is Lipstick and my favorite Japanese movie is Princess Jellyfish!

 Princess Jellyfish was so cute and sweet, which are things I don't usually like in movies lol.

On the other hand, Lipstick was captivating (I never use this word lmao), it was the first time I really could not stop watching. 

Finishing Lipstick sucked though because I constantly tried to find similar dramas (FYI, they don't exist!).


As far as favorite actors go, I choose them based on if I feel how their character feels, or if I find myself searching for other dramas and movies they've starred in. 

For instance, Yang Ik Jun always seems so committed to his roles. 

Although I have only seen him in It's Okay, That's Love, Canola, and Breathless, he was breathtaking.  

 tumblr_n9mufjVA7V1tojzf3o2_250.gif    tumblr_o8c0vkhJjT1spfigfo8_400.gif       Yang Ik Jun - It's Okay, That's Love                                        Yang Ik Jun - Breathless

I also really enjoy watching dramas and films with Dong Ha and Zhao Zanilia! I have not been disappointed once, by their acting skills. 


Dong Ha - Suspicious Partners

Zhao Zanilia - Princess Agents


Backing up a bit, my two favorite actors of all time are Choi Jin Shil and Cheung Leslie! I loved them both in everything I was able to watch. 

star-in-my-heart-choi-jin-sil-2-e1499042 ac70009504753e603eb


On a musical note, I actually did not come to Asian dramas through KPOP or any other form of music, and I was never really interested in it. I do enjoy listening to the OSTs, but I don't actively seek any out. 

Also, I do not belong to a fandom lol! 


Personally, though I like ALL genres of music. I especially like R&B and Joni Mitchell

I typically stick to older music, but I do get excited when I hear new music too! 


Another vital point for my entertainment is variety shows! 

I don't even know how I was living until now, without them lol. 

I started with Running Man and moved up to Infinite Challenge, 2DaysNight, and Hello Counselor.

I pretty much watch any OLD and NEW variety shows that are available.


Running Man - Episode 10 

As far as American and Western television goes, I am . . . TRASH! 

watch tons of reality tv and I'm not ashamed. 

From all of the Real Housewives to Honey Boo Boo ( Before Mama June, went psycho.), I love reality tv! 

Also, I was watching Game of Thrones, but I stopped to finish the last book out and I haven't caught up yet. . . THAT WAS IN 2014!

AND. . . . . . . . I really, love The Office (U.S. version)!

I love family sitcoms from the 80s and 90s with my all-time favorite being Roseanne. 

I know MANY people hate the final season of Roseannebut I can (no joke) watch every episode and still enjoy it! 

My love for Roseanne started when I was very young, so now the nostalgia makes it a "comfort show."

If I'm not drama-ing, school-ing, or friend-ing, I am DRINKING and judging, that is pretty much it lol.


Anyway, that's all. . . . . . . . . thanks for reading. . . . . . . . . . 




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