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Hello! This is Kurikiya.

Since a long time ago (at the time of writing this in MMXV, probably more than X—and counting—years ago with my parents. ~‿~), I have watched a fair number of dramas. I don't plan to stop anytime soon. There are too many interesting ones. My first K-dramas were Glass Slippers and Jewel in the Palace.

Preferences: I used to lean towards romantic comedies and/or action thrillers. Over time, I gained interest in historical, melodrama, suspense, and fantasy dramas. Or perhaps a mix of all. It really depends. :) (I seem to be a loser when it comes to bittersweet/tragedies. I'm drawn to them but I hate them, lol.)
✿ My current favourite dramas are here.

Any drama or movie of decent interest ends up on my watchlist for me to look into another time, hence my overly long PTW list compared to my completed list. I prefer Korean dramas and watch them the most, although I have seen Japanese dramas, glimpses of Chinese and Hong Kongese dramas that I currently cannot recall, and so far only one Taiwanese drama (Just You). 

Ratings: I don't have a specific system. Overall enjoyment is key. However, no ratings for shows I dropped / did not finish (DNF) or have watched long ago and don't remember my opinions. I prefer /5-stars to /10-stars (i.e. 1/5 = 2/10). I also avoid giving 0.5s; those are reserved for shows I liked a bit more.

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I am a sloth when it comes to watching shows. My brain cannot process so much, thus, I watch them one at a time and occasionally need to take breaks. When not watching shows, I'm probably listening to music ♫, daydreaming (´‿`), reading or writing fiction. In MMXVII, I started to appreciate books again, and mainly read contemporary and/or fantasy/sci-fi. I am also a sloth when it comes to reading. :'D

Occasionally, I watch anime and read manga. (Find me on MyAnimeList if you like.)

Thanks for visiting. Bye!


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